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Watercooling n00b - Have a made any mistakes with my choices?

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New Member
Jul 3, 2004
After much advice & research I think I've settled on the following:

DTek White Water (Polymer Top)
Dangerden Maze 4 Uni-GPU
DangerDen Maze4 Chipset
Typhoon Quad Bay Reservoir
Eheim 1250 Pump
Thermochill HE120.2
Tygon R6303 Tubing
Purple Ice additive
Arctic Silver 5
2x Panaflow 120mm Fans

(I plan on mounting the Radiator @ the top of the case where the top blow hole is)

Any constructive comments (good or bad)?
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Jul 8, 2003
East Flat Rock, NC
You will more than likely end up having corrosion problems using any aluminum in your loop. I'd look into getting either a poly top or a brass/copper topped water block.


Jul 5, 2003
Frederick, MD
I'd like to see a different heatercore and pump myself. I feel a fedco 2-342, or even an '86 chevette core would serve you better than that thermochill unit at a far lower price. as far as the pump goes, unless you are looking for dead silence, I recommend the Hydor L35 or Swifty MCP600 rev.2, both of which are quiet and push plenty of water. The MCP600 doesn't need a relay either :) If you just want performance, and don't care about noise, get the Danner Mag #3. It pushes just as much as the MCP600 at a far lower price. Also, I sugest you pick-up a fan controller to go along with that setup if you don't already have one :)


Dec 18, 2002
It looks good to me. I'd also recommend going for a heatercore instead of that res, but that is of course your choice. Also, IMHO, I'm not quite sure that Tygon tubing is really worth the additional cost over clearflex or whatever, but if you don't mind shelling out a couple more bucks, then go for it. Good luck with the water, and welcome to the forums!