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Watercooling noise

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Jan 2, 2001
How loud is a water cooling setup from dangerden? The HS/F I have now is annoying, it whines like a lil kid.
Very quiet.........a wisper compared to most HSF's. Depends on your pump of course.............but if you don't let the pump touch the res you'll be amazed how quiet.
Shadow ÒÓ (May 20, 2001 05:25 a.m.):
Very quiet.........a wisper compared to most HSF's. Depends on your pump of course.............but if you don't let the pump touch the res you'll be amazed how quiet.

I agree that the pump should be pretty quiet if not silent, however the radiator fans can be pretty noisy. Think of two 120mm fans howling away and you get the picture.
I keep the noise down on my rig by having the fans thermostatically controlled from the water temp, works pretty good.
Im not planning on overclocking, its just I moved the computers up to my bedroom, and I can't sleep because of this HSF. Could you reccomend a kit for this?
The dangerden kit will work. You only need a single 120mm fan on the cooling cube. I have some Panaflo 120mm fans 86.5 CFM 35.5 DBa. This is very quite plus since you are not overclocking you might be able to lower the voltage to the fan a little bit.

There are also some conventional solutions to. The Noise control and the Thermoengin with the stock fan could be worth a look since you will be running stock speed. Also non-oced the cpu might be able to run on a little less voltage then spec, every little bit of heat redution helps when the goal is quiet.
if you plan it right , you can put the rad at the top of the case and use convection to pull the heat out ,,its not gonna freeze it ,, but it works ,,I figured out it works when my fan on my rad took a dump and the thing ran for 12 hrs. and never went above 45c ,,it was the only fan in the case!!
Hey Surlyjoe, what are you water cooling in your system?

I bought two radiator cores (they were cheap!), and I planned on having the larger one positioned on top, with no fan, and the (relatively) smaller one positioned on the back with a temperature controlled low noise Panaflo on it. I'm planning on cooling a lot of things in my case (including an oven of a Thunderbird), so I can't imagine how much heat the cores are going to have to deal with.
if you're not dead set on water yet.........wait another week or 2. The seniors here are going to do a review of the millenium heat sink which has been doing as well as some water systems.........and is supposedly very quiet.

If you're not in a hurry, I'd suggest you hold out a bit. This may be an evolution in heat sinks.

There was also a review by Ed on the front page just a month or so ago in case you wanna do a search.
Mine is completely quiet. I don't have any fans cooling down the radiator. the olny noise is the pump, which is extremely quiet.
that system is a P3-700e at 933/1.9v , the rad on that one is a 6 pass 5/16" copper tube with pressed aluminum fins, its prolly half as efficeint as a heater core ,, IMHO the auto cores are about as good as you can get for the size, they will handle a tbird and pelt with a good fan , 2 for sure will do it
the millenium heatsink looks very promising, and may be a great alternative. But I will say that water cooling is much quieter than Air cooling, and you get better numbers with water.