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Watercooling or Aircooling?

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Mar 1, 2002
Well, im a little bit new here, i'm reading this forum and oveclocking stuff for about 30 days, 4 hours a day, and now i have a big question.. it's up to you help me or not.

I'm just waiting for Thoroughbreds be released and see what mobos will be compatible to buy my new computer. So far it is like:

DDR333 Cl 2.0 Crucial
Maxtor 40gb ATA 133
Liteon 40x12x48
Ultraplex 40TSuwi
GF4 Ti 4400
SB Audigy XGamer
Artic Silver III 6gr
100 Pack-CD 32x Mitsui
Microsoft Intelli Mouse Explorer 3.0
I was going to buy Thermalright AX-7 + Panaflo but now im thinking in a watercooler.
a) For how much can i buy a good watercooler?
b) Does it worth the price, or aircooling is still the best way to go?
c) What watercooler would you suggest for me?
d) What computer case should i buy?

Thank you guys, i hope someone help me..
Seeing how your getting ready for the new T-Bred, and your going to prepare for aircooling if you have to with airflow etc.

Personally I would go water cooling, its cooling is very efficent, it's quiet. Aircooling will force you to get some major airflow. Watercooling will squeeze everything out of that chip.

A decent watercooling setup will start some where 100.00, to look abit ahead, it'll last you long. It gives you the option to even cool your chipset, and GPU better if your going to do some crazy stuff.

Looking at more like 200 for decent stuff. Water is MUCH quieter than air, for equal performance, and has MUCH higher capabilities. When I went from air to water my load temps dropped by nearly 30C and my noise was cut in half.
What about the size? Would it fit and work nicely in all mobos/chipset's?
waterblocks come in different sizes for different processors, and gpu/mobo blocks can also be found. the largest part of the kit is the radiator, which will need to be placed well in the case.
Appreciate your help, but now i have to choose, which watercooling to buy..
a) What's the best one in the market today? (KIT)

b) What's the best computer case to buy that will work fine and with lot's of space for my watercooling?

Thank you! (Don't be afraid to answer me, every post here is helping me a lot!)
Personally, I think you should "roll your own". I just got into watercooling myself, and I just made my first watercooling system a few weeks ago. For a while there I thought that I'd make my own block, and put a system together for like $60. That was a bad idea. But making your own system and just ordering the waterbock and maybe the pump is a good idea.
If you just buy a kit, your not getting the whole picture on how to build one of these, all you know is the parts you need. When you build your own you get to know where to go to get parts like heater cores, what type of tubing is best, how to make your own reserviors out of tupperware, etc.
When you make your own, you become more knowledgeable than you would have if you just bought one. That will help you out a lot when you decide that you want to go for a waterchiller or something :)
Good luck, and read all you can on the subject
my advice would be either to:

a) go for a all in one system like a lookance or swiftec quiet power

b) get the stuff from a well know manufacturer, such as dangerden.com (maze waterblock, ehiem pump, heatercore)

the case is a metter of choice, but i find the antec series of cases not only look dood my are very well built and have loads of room