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Watercooling Question?

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Jan 26, 2001
Penn State University
I am currently assembling my first watercooling system and there is one concern that I have. I leave my computer on 24/7 and I need to protect against pump failure. I was curious what the people who are watercooling do to safeguard themselves against this. My idea was to use motherboard monitor to monitor temps. and set it to shutdown the computer when it gets to a certain temp. I have tested the method and it does work but will it be able to save my tbird if I did have pump failure? Thanks for the help everyone!

just make sure that your os will shutdown, I know 2k can sometimes take upwards of almost a minute to shutdown, and if your using a peltier thats more then enough time to cook a processor, if your just using water and the temp start going up you would probably be okay. what a lot of other people have done is actually build a physical temp monitor or pump monitor to make sure the temps are right and if they aren't it actually kills the power the system instantly. a lot safer then waiting for software to do everything.
that is pretty good. I have seen some elaborate measures taken to do this, but with the copper and water, you should have enough time for your comp to shutdown before it gets too hot. Get a good pump too, that will reduce the risk of the failure.