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Watercooling question

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Nov 13, 2001
K im interested in water cooling, now i need to know some things, first off if i can overclock my cpu to 1.4 from 1ghz on air cooling how much further can i overclock it with water cooling, can i reach 1.8ghz or even 2ghz, my stepping is AXIA 9, k also i wanna buy water cooling parts seperatly, so can someone please name all the parts i need for a H2o setup. Oh and if its not to much can u tell me what each part does, thx :)
if you don't know what each H20 cooling part does then I suggest you to start reading the articles in the watercooling section of overclockers.com. 'cause if you don't most probably you aill find yourself in big trouble...

from 1GHZ to EVEN 2GHZ... That's 100% percent overclock...even with phase change cooling you'll unlikely see that kind of huge increase...
well you can try and see how lucky you are ofcourse...
check out dangerden.com they have good kits for watercooling, now hitting 2GHz from 1 GHz well i severly doubt it, because the higher you overclock the more voltage you have to feed your chip increasing the chance of damaging it, plus to push your fsb that high will most likely cause other pci bus components to fail...you 1GHz water cooled i give it at most (in my humble opinion)1.6-1.7GHz, which is NOT BAD!
I'm am going to purchase my first water cooling kit. I have been looking at Innovateks kit. Is it any good? Is the InnovCool Rev 3 a good water block? Is 79 gph enough? How many gph should i have minimum? Maximum? Can u recomend any better cooling kits or seperate parts?

k.. to tell you how much more you can overclock your system is really beyond me, only your own hardware knows... if you have really good hardware and can handle the overclock the limit is how you get there and watercooling is a great start for that :D
beware though, as i qoute a member from these forums "Once you go H20, you'll never go back" this has to be true, you definitly fall in love w/ it... anyhow.. on to your other questions.

your going to need (for a basic kit):

1. Water Block - cools the processor
2. Water block Clamp/Tie Down - holds the water block onto the processor
3. Radiator - cools the water
4. Radiator fan - cools the radiator which will cool the water
5. Pump - pumps the water threwout the system
6. Resivior - holds your water
7. Tubing - connects all the above together

and thats a basic kit... if you buy a kit you can get one
as cheap as 120.00 bucks or so..

notes: make sure if your buying a block and/or radiator from differn't places make sure you have the same size fittings (the inlet and outlets for each item) the same size common sizes are 1/2" and 3/8" you get alot more threwput w/ the 1/2" but i've never used a 1/2" system, i have only used 3/8" so far. gooduck and have fun :D
You should do a lot of reseach before you take the dive into water cooling, no pun intended. Water cooling has a lot advantages, but you have to have a good idea of what you are doing before you actually do it. Remember water and electronic components do not mix. I would look for advice from people that have done it before like you are doing now in this forum and look around on other websites. My suggestions are to check out the water cooling section of the mainpage, www.overclockers.com and also check out www.procooling.com and their forums. Good luck.
but you really dont need a reservoir....

they may be convenient, but they also dont allow for cooler h2o temps...

inline systems take the water directly directly from the radiator to the cpu (if set up correctly), so it gets the coldest possible water...

with a reservoir, you have more water, which means it takes more energy to cool that water (or it doesnt get cool enough), and, depending on how it is setup, it will be warmer by the time it reaches your cpu...

an inline system uses less tubing, less detours, so, what im trying to say is: it keeps the water cooler...

I say you can o/c it to 1.5 maybe more with a peltier. Most people go h2o cooling is not just because you can o/c more. There is the noise issue too. I myself went h20 cause it cool and it so much more quietier.