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Mar 24, 2001
Ontario Canada
How much would it cost for the full watercooling package?

Do u have to do modding to your case are is it easy to hook um??

does anyone have a good link to learning more about watercooling and link to prices?
The main page has a complete section on watercooling articles. Depending on what type of system you want to have, case mods can range from nonexistent to very major.

I have a homemade system with a large radiator, a homemade reservoir, a custom waterblock, and a very modified case to fit it all in. Most people could go with the complete systems from Swiftech, Danger Den, or BeCooling and be quite happy. It's worth your time to read the articles on the main page. Depending on your budget and handiness with tools, you might be able to do it fairly inexpensively.

Hope this helps.
it can be done for 100$ or less... and my favorite thing is making "stealth" water cooled rig's ,that are undetectable on the outside :) (aka: no case mods)
I just picked up a complete kit (Aquastealth) from 2cooltek for $125 plus shipping. Looke like a pretty good setup.
I built my own watercooling system for under $100. I used another old case to mount every thing in for the reason in case the thing desided it wants to leak it don't get my board.(unless it is the block or the 6" of tubing in the main case) Also so it would cut down on noise and be able to have more coolant.