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Mar 23, 2001
Suwanee, GA
After many days of thinking. I want to try watercooling I have a abit vp6 with dual 700's and I read all the articles and reviews in this forum. But I need advice from people who have experience with them. I still get a gut feeling about water-cooling. I need advice what case and water-cool kit to get links would be good and also ALOT of advice
Depends on the money you have to spend. Danger Den has some excellent kits for a very good watercooling setup, 2cooltek has a mid priced Aquastealth 2 system that does a pretty good job (thats the system I have), and becooling has the original Aquastealth system for the budget minded.
TT120 is right about DangerDen. They are the best out there. They are pricier, but you get an incredible quality system. I love dangerden, their blocks are really nice, and the clip is excellent too. They are worth the extra money.
Yup, dangerden is where I'm goin next. Spare no expense and get the best. The Aquastealth is a good starter kit to learn with which is exactly what I'm doing. Then once you get a handle on water cooling move up to the big boys over at Dangerden.
Are there any special cooling considerations with running water on a duel CPU board?
Only thing I can think of is you will need 2 waterblocks and a good sized radiator and pump. A little bigger than normal because you have a bigger heat load.
Newby2OC (Apr 19, 2001 07:03 a.m.):
Are there any special cooling considerations with running water on a duel CPU board?

hmmm....I'd say dont' run from one water block to the next as you'd only be transfering heat from the first to the second. Somehow you should split the pump to run 2 lines or use 2 different pumps. The larger the res the better too since you cooling twice as much. Also consider the biggest cooling block, like the massive cooling "box" on Dangerden's site. Since you're cooling twice the normal computer.