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A self contained system (where everything is inside the case) would prob. be the best way to do it.

the Z4 kit at overcolckers hideout (www.overclockershideout.com) looks prety good because it has a high performance pump/res with a good seal (no leaks if your case gets bumped). They even have a cooler that will work with your Geforce2.
deadhead said:
thanks man,
also your sig is messed up it should say
water cooling coming soon
or did you mean to have it like that?

well if you do get the Z4 kit, id advice you to get the 3/8" model, cuz over at pc power and cooling, there testing states the Z4 1/2" model to perform very badly.
water cooling

http://www.koolance.com/ has a nice set-up for all in-one. its all inside, so you can carry it around.


XP1700 @ 1733mhz, 13x multi, 133fsb, 1.97Vcore, air 100F
XP1800 @ 1740mhz, 12.5x multi, 139fsb, 1.97Vcore water 96f

Both Soltek MB 75drv2 with Vcore Mod using 22kohm res.
I dont think you will get as much performance from the Koolance Systems though.

But their pump system does look nice, too bad you cant buy it seperatly:(
www.dangerden.com is one of the best sites for watercooling IMO.
other then dangerden, overclockershideout.com is a pretty good site.
and there are other sites i know around to build your own parts. PM me if anyone would like some good advice.
that Z4 does look pretty dawg gone sweeet. think i will be ordering one of those as soon as the paycheck arives. I realy like the looks of the blue swiftech thouhg.......man decisions decision....good luck dude!
Didnt like it

Hi all.

I have been a lurker for some time, but this made me register and post.

I just assembled a Z4 kit in my new case. IMO, it sucks.

The only good thing I can say about it is that it does fit well inside a case. In fact, I bet I could have used a mid-tower instead of a full.

Here are my gripes.

1. It was almost 4 weeks late.
2. The radiator is kinda wimpy. I ordered the kit thinking I got the radiator shown, but I did not. I don’t know if it would have been any better, but I tossed the one that I got. I am back to using a radiator I ordered out of an auto-parts magazine.
3. The sealant they use was on everything. The pump/reservoir was the worst. The packaging material was glued to it and I had to buff the stuff off.
4. They hot-glue the fan on the radiator. Of course, it fell off as soon as I took it out of the box.
5. No Y connectors for the video processor.
6. The intake/outtake bulkheads on the CPU waterblock are larger that all the others in the kit. This means you have to use sections of larger tubing and adapters (just extra hassle).

I haven’t really had a chance to test it yet. It is still running in my kitchen testing for leaks.