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WC system too hot?

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Jun 4, 2003
I am trying to figure out what the problem could be with my system and why it is running so hot. My system flow goes from the pump - rad - cpu - pump. I am running a T-line, a Mag 5 pump, and a heatercore that fits two 120mm fans on it. My room temp is around 24-26C and my cpu sits around 45C at full load. This seems a little too high for what this should be doing.

Is there something wrong with my system and how do I fix it? By the way, this is the 2500+ barton in my sig running with 1.775V.
yea I'd say thos temps are high, cause with my 2500 at the same speed and water cooled my load temps were 35C. First what waterblock are you running, heatercore anddo you have a shroud on it.
There are many reasons why your temp might seem higher than others.

You can try to remount the block, and if you have a WW then you might want to lap it. Sometimes the fan on the HC is not pushing enough air... Maybe thermal compound is too thick.. Maybe it needs time to set it self...

So many possibilities...
block is maze4 which has been lapped and re-fitted once or twice. The rads do have a shroud on it for both of the fans. I am using 1/2" ID tubing throughout most of the system, but the Mag5 has a 3/4" ID shaft for the inlet side, so I am using 5/8" ID tubing from the cpu block to the pump. The rad is this one.
Wow, that's kinda high.
Considering that your room temp is like mine and I get more then 10c off.
well there are 2 things I can think of.
1. Mag5 generats more heat.
2. the maze4 isn't such a great preformer.
I thought the maze 4 was one of the best blocks short of the cascade or possibly the rbx. Next weekend I am going to transplant the Mag 5 with a Mag 2. Since that is the only other pump I can get locally. Maybe that will help since the only thing in my system is the cpu block and it isn't all that restrictive.
Maze 4 isn't a very high ranker... Also, some processors make more heat than others, and that Mag 5 produces WAY too much heat for what good its power is doing you. A hydor L20 would probably be sufficient for what you are doing...
Please, all the big player commercial waterblocks are within a couple degrees C of eachother. There is no big winner among them. It's likely that your waterblock isn't coming into full contact with the cpu. That's probably the most common problem with water blocks.

My watercooling setup has been running pretty much non-stop 24/7 for going on 3 years now soon. I haven't changed the fluid, replaced any parts or anything like that. The room when it's around 65-70F lets my cpu peak at around 45C. This is a real load temp as my cpu never goes below 100% load, not in the past 30 days since i run a distributed hardware evolution client on it. I dont consider my temp too high since the system is quiet running and it's a tbird 1.13Ghz which runs a pretty high wattage, air cooling would easily have caused it to crash before now. The trick with good cooling is to get as cool as you need to be, going more gets exponentially more expensive (i'm not talking just money). Plus my radiator fan also works to cool the rest of the system components so it's not just my cpu temp the radiator is ridding heat of. If your radiator is also now the only fan besides the psu in your system this could also be why your cpu temp is reading "high" for your water cooling setup.
I would agree on the water blocks, they all (unless you get the really high price ones) are gonna be about the same C/W rating, but at differnt type setups, i think you have two factors on that, the MAG 5 does put out alot of heat, and also, the Maze 4 perfoms BETTER with lower flow pumps, because it has less flow resistance, your waters probably rushing through it way to quick to transfer heat effectivly, try running it for like 24-48 hours straigt and if you actually see it drop after that time then that's probably your problem, if you get the mag 2 i know it's crazy but you will probably see a drop in temps, as your heat will have more time to transfer, actually that's what i'll be runing as soon as i get my block, the maze4 and a mag2 :D
fast is good, always. Temperature wont drop because the "heat has transferred more". If anything it will begin to heat up a bit. Basically if it's not a problem with the block seating then it's just a matter of too much heat in the system besides just the cpu and insufficient radiation of that heat outside of the case again. Again, 45C is perfectly fine for a non-overclocked cpu and if it stays at that then things are working ok. You can always beef up the cfm going across the radiator if the temp still worries you.
CPU readings on the NF7 boards are all wack since ABIT did not implement a cpu internal diode censor.

Well I am starting to think it may be something with the motherboard sensor too. Last week I had my entire rig off for the weekend because my in-laws were in town. When I turned it back on, it stayed about 7-10C above ambient for almost a week versus the 15-18 above ambient that it is now. Same overclock and same aircooling. Then I rebooted and it is back to the 45C settings again. Next week I am going to buy the smaller pump and make some other changes to my system to try to help my situation.
On the issue of the Maze 4, and flow rate for it. The Maze 4 performs MUCH better COMPARITIVELY at lower flow rates. It would beat most or all other waterblocks on the market with an 80GPH pump, with not much head pressure.
I think my problem is easier to diagnose but harder to fix. It turns out that my radiator was almost solid with dust. I don't know how any air was getting through that thing at all. Now I have to find a way to modify my design so that I can clean the rad without having to take all of my drives out. ARGH. Well at least it is getting cooler, but it is still running about 40C under load.

And I added some water wetter (just a bit) so that might help get some of those bubbles out from behind the pump that like to sit there.