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WD 36Gb Raptor-should I spend the money

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Jun 12, 2001
I'm in the process of building another system and I've already bought a 160GB Samsung drive. I was thinking of getting a 36gb raptor for Windows and apps and use the 160gb for games, encoding video, etc.. Wondering should I get maybe a 80gb SATA or something or another 160gb cause the raptor is still more expensive than the 160gb. Or use the $100+/- towards something else????


Feb 29, 2004
I wouldn't bother just getting a single Raptor disk.. but two of them in raid 0 is NICE ;)


Apr 22, 2004
let me know when you've decided what to do im facing the same dilemma as you almost.


May 8, 2004
I'm running the 36Gig Raptor as my XP-Pro system drive. It is nice, but I am not 100% sure it is "Necessary" for anyone.

I have over 550Gigs, so a 36Gig system drive is ideal to keep my OS completely isolated from any storage data.

FYI - The first line of "Truly Native SATA" drives are just now coming out, so keep an eye on those. Even the Raptors are ATA drives with on-board SATA conversion (or so I hear).

I can get 30 simultaneous Tracks (likely more) of 24 Bit 44.1KHz audio off of a regular Maxtor Diamond Max 9 7200RPM, so a Raptor is really above what I need for my storage/Audio needs. I was gonna RAID0 Two of the 36Gig Raptors on the ICH5R, but that is totally useless and less reliable in my application IMO. Not to mention, RAID slightly slows acess times - VERY important for Multitrack Audio.

I like the 36Gig Raptor as system drive, but $111 could be spent elsewhere (Like a 120Gig SATA 7200RPM drive or a crazy 550 Watt PSU)...

Later :cool:


The Lost Soul
May 10, 2004
yea i wouldn't spend money on a 36 gig raptor. but i would spend money on 2 of them or a 74 gig :p me personally, i like to have mass storage so i go for the 250 gig. check around to see if they are still on sale