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WE ARE #8 IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!! WOOTS all around! You get a woot, you get a woot. Everyone gets a WOOT!

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Jul 17, 2003
It happened earlier than I thought it would happen. I knew it would be today but I thought it would be late in the day.

Congratulations to every one of you past an present. Even if you only ever folded one WU for T32, then you helped. Great job guys. Wow! we are clawing back what was once ours. Now just 7 more teams to beat but that can be another day for today we celebrate!

🎶 Celebrate good times. Come on! 🎶
At current rates based on knowledge from ..... Nnnnn..... now!

We will be #7 in about 5 months. We will be #6 in 2.2 years but will drop to #7 again in 3.3 years. Again, this assumes that all things remain equal.

EPFL appears to be flapping. Up and down. Much like the network port #5 on my switch. Up and down. Gives a nice strobe effect if I put a PoE light on that port. Not exactly a night-time rave but you get the idea. They have recently dropped to 0 ppd for a day and managed to stay around 400 million ppd as of late.

Hardware.no is trending way down. Right now they are bouncing between 260 million and 275 million ppd. They recently had a high point of 350 million. I wouldn't say that they are down and/or out. I suspect that they are feeling the summer blues. I mean, they do have two users with 60 billion. That ain't all bad. I would expect to see them raise up in the fall.

NVIDIA Corp is trending up. As a team they are earning about 245 million ppd. A snarky comment could be inserted here but I won't. They are folding proteins and that is our goal to which, they are helping. They have had production dips but nothing that shows that they are off thier game. They are strong and they are active. I mean 15 but when your active team members are company accounts, they can do a lot of maths. (I wrote maths instead of math for our british friends. I'm being multi-cultural.)

folding@evga (or EVGA for short) is trending sharply down. They are showing a spring back and we'll have to see how well that goes. We are currently set to overtake them in just under 8.4 years. They've done a lot of work in a short time. Cudos to them. They are not a corporate team in the way that NVIDIA is. They are a corporate sponsered team. They used to give away cards and give discounts to users who joined and folded for thier team. Nothing wrong with that but it made them a real power house for a while. Not sure how many people were new to folding or how many came from other teams but the work got done and they did it. Cudons again.

We are still trending down but we are working on that. The numbers show that we can move our trend line to level and maybe even up. Time will reveal all. We are again down active folders. 41 at this point in time. Down 5. Not great. I would rather see a bunch of low numbers than a few big numbers.
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Just curious, comparatively speaking, would some spare CPU power be worth devoting? I mean it is a GPU game.
It all counts. That said, CPU cores give a minimum amount of production when compared to GPUs. Saying that, I keep my CPUs in the mix. I have a Threadripper 1900x, Ryzen 7 3700x and Ryzen 7 5700x all doing what they can along with the GPUs in those machines. The points aren't great but everything helps.
Da. It all helps, but, the PPD for power used for CPUs are abhorrent compared to GPUs. "Worth it" is up to the person asking. ;)

@don256us - I'm curious how many PPD and power each of those CPUs are pulling. Maybe that can help sway users?
I wouldn't know how to even test. I run all cores because the machine are running 24/7 anyway. I do have a meter on my main rig. I could stop GPU folding and record the difference. I'll look into that.
I wouldn't know how to even test. I run all cores because the machine are running 24/7 anyway. I do have a meter on my main rig. I could stop GPU folding and record the difference. I'll look into that.
You can use an application like Hwinfo and just read the CPU power as is. Easy breezy. ;)
If you run CPU with GPU you are not gaining anything...anecdotal evidence only. :unsure:
It has been said that you need 1 CPU core per GPU and I've been running that way for years. I have some reason to believe that I may need more cores per GPU but I've not tested.
It has been said that you need 1 CPU core per GPU and I've been running that way for years. I have some reason to believe that I may need more cores per GPU but I've not tested.
I find I lose more PPD on the GPU if running CPU at all.

Hayes will have Empirical evidence for sure.... :cheers:
I got home late and then had to figure where to plant a tree.
I did manage to stop CPU folding with my 3080 on the Ryzen 7 5700x. It's not looking positive but I may have another issue with my farm machine in the basement. I'm withholding judgement until I get good data.
I am definately down in points but I have not ruled out issues with another machine. I may just GPU fold over the summer. I change my mind a lot on stuff like this so we'll see. I may talk about it and never do it. I may do it for a few days then go back. I'll post more as I do it.
My suggestion with GPU core_22 continues to be one real cpu core for each gpu folding, 3 GHz or better. Best to have a core for the OS too. Also, suggest 4GB system ram per GPU minimum, 8GB preferred. My folding hosts are running Ubuntu on small 2.5" SATA SSDs, although a few are dual boot with W10 (for testing).

What a donor does with the remaining cores/threads is up to them. Just remember, most of the folding points come from the quick return bonus, and that ANYTHING that delays the return of the completed wu will have non-linear impact on credit received. Not sure if the clock starts when wu assigned or downloaded, but does run until upload completed and accepted.

The CPU is used to transfer data to/from the GPU, perform sanity-checks, checkpoints and download/upload data. Projects with frequent checkpoints require more CPU useage than slower ones. The GPU project "steps per checkpoint" is defined by the project owner. Fast GPU complete the steps more quickly than slow GPU, requiring more CPU too.

My folding farm is running on LGA 1155 motherboards (Asus P8Z77.V and P8Z77V-LK) with Ivy CPUs supporting PCIE Gen3, mostly e3-1265Lv2 (4C/8T), with a few e3-1220Lv2 (2C/4T) and i5-3470T (2C/4T). The cpus run around 3GHz and turbo to about 3.5 GHz. Typically have two GPUs running at x8x8 Gen3, although my 4070Ti are running in the primary slot at x16 Gen3 with a slow gpu is in the 3rd slot running at x4 Gen2.

On my hosts with quad core CPU (4C/8T), have Boinc Rosetta and World Community Grid running with resource setting 25% CPU (2 threads) and zero GPU.
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@HayesK Have you confirmed the above notion that CPU folding hinders GPU folding?
This is pretty solved science, IMO. Hinder isn't the word.

Long/short, it's marginal, presuming you're adequately cooling the whole node, the extra heat isn't impacting the GPUs, you're keeping a core (not a thread!) dedicated to keeping each GPU fed with data, etc., but then, you're playing with the margins, still, and for the extra power draw, you're better off saving that power for the replacement GPU budget.

Or you could just read Hayes' thoughtful reply that was posted while I had this sitting as a draft :)
I am holding a single thread per GPU as this is how the client will configure itself.
I think that my production has come back up after stopping CPU folding on my machine with the single 3080. I think that I will disable CPU folding on my machine with the 3080Ti and 3080 and see how that goes. My overall production will be for **** this weekend as I will be spending time playing video games so it will probably be late next week before I can truly tell.

I think that I will be halting CPU folding on my Unraid server too for the summer. No GPU in that machine so it would be down down.