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Web design help needed.

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Nov 12, 2001
I have a non profit making site I am building which can be seen at:-


The site looks exactly how I want it using IE, but I get the feeling I made it a bit badly. I have used layers to get things where I wanted them to go, as I couldn't persuade the tables to let me get graphics at the edge of the screen (always got a border), so therefore to get all the graphics to line up I used layers. Then I looked at it using Netscape & it was all over the show. How should I do it.

Any advise would be gratefully accepted.


first of all, i wouldn't recommend using layers in HTML, but more importantly, netscrape sucks. It's even got to the point where some sites are posting a notice that saying something like "this site is not designed to work with netscape" because netscape HTML support is so crappy.

if you were getting a small border around the edges you need to set the body attribute like this:

<body bgcolor = "######" leftmargin=0 topmargin=0 marginheight=0 marginwidth=0>

leftmargin & topmargin are IE attributes for how many pixels you want around the left and top edge

marginwidth & marginheight are the same thing for netscape.
Excellent. Thanks for that. Will start redesigning less layers. If I run into any other problems, will let you know.


Old Netscape is crap, Mozilla-based anything is fine. Its renderer apparently supports more standards better than IE does.
Which browser supports more standards is relative to how you define standards. Going by the W3C "standards", netscape probably does better.

But, since the vast majority of the world browse with internet explorer, you might as well just forget about W3C "standards" and do it the microsoft way. Since more people can view things in there "standards"

I love standards, there's just so many to choose from.