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Web of wires help!

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Aug 8, 2003
Baltimore, Maryland
I dunno how you all do it but i can't seem to hide the power wires in my case. Most too short and have to hang across the window. Also i got 4 connectors on this 500w PSU and need around 6. I got plenty of old PSUs i can cut up and tips on splicing the wies and adding a few?


Jun 21, 2004
I am in the same boat as you almost. In my old case and psu I could hide them between the panel with the mobo and case that worked rather well but I havnt tried with this. Plus the psu wires are twice as long and twice as many so they are everywhere. I heard shrink wrap helps but havnt done it yet. Maybe I will try rerouting the wires between the mobo and panel tommorow. currently all exsess are in the cddrives i dont use :)


Jul 5, 2004
Toronto, Canada
You should be able to splice the wires. But you could just go out and buy a molex 'Y' adaptor. Which would be much easier and maybe give your cables some length so you can actually hide them.


May 15, 2004
The simple answer is cable shielding, then just some intelligent positioning, of wires and your peripherals and HDD's.

Ok firstly, take out your psu, then use black electrical tape (NOTE: do not use the stuff that is around 2cm width wise) Use the stuff that is about 4.5 cm width wise. This stuff is awesome, and all you do is wrap your molex lines, and other PSU wires up in it.

heres a pic black electrical tape shielding


anyway the pic isnt to good, but you get the idea. you can wrap almost any cable line in this stuff, i found the best results were with groups of more than 3 wires all the way up to your MB power line.

2. Use zip ties, they r cheap, and will allow you to force cabling out of the way then keep them there by zip tying them to part of the case, there is plenty of little holes inside your case near HDD's or CD drive bays that zip ties will slide through to hold your wires.

3. Position your cd drives, and HDD's intelligently, if you have long IDE ribbons, get rid of em, invest in some round IDE's from any local pc store, but firstly measure the length of your HDD's and cd drives from the IDE plugs on your MB, then go get round IDE's a little longer than the length you measured.

4. Tuck all excess cabling into unused drive bays, dont let it hang around, even ide ribbons will bend so you can tuck them away in unused drive bays.

5. make sure to position your molex lines firstly and this works for most people, go along the top of your case, secure your PSU wires with zip ties up top of your case, then grab your molex's, and Linearly plug them into your cd drives and HDD's as they come up, dont just plug molexs anywhere, again use zip ties to fasten your molex lines to one side of the drive bays.

as in my pic you can see all the shielded molex lines, MB power cable and a round IDE, all secured to the side of my drive bay, keeping them completly out of the way of air flow and other wires.

The bottom is messy i know, but it doesnt matter, once you cables hit the bottom of your case, leave them there, you dont need to do anything they wont impeed airflow down there, if they still look to mesyy tuck em away under the HDD's

lastly, get some power splitter cables, they plug into one molex plug but split into 2 molex plugs, (not recomended for HDD's) use them for CD drives and other peripherals. :clap: