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Love slave to da man
Sep 6, 2001
Uniontown, PA
Okay....when you see Wedo passing by in here or on the irc channel.

Give him a great big giant hug and then congrats him on a job well done.

He has finally proven his worthiness, he is outproducing OC3D all by his little self.

And Nik, yes i know your around here somewhere...

wedo pwned you


aka always the pwnee


Official X-Hour Man
Feb 3, 2002
Wedo defiently deserves to have some credit.

He is an insane folder.

Keep it up, Wedo. :clap:


Senior Kitty Power!
Oct 31, 2001
Lost Angeles
Thanks Scoob et al. 'Cept I'm not counting Nik, Shad, or ShadowCat out yet, they all have their sights set on me and I'm running accordingly. :D

If I wasn't so darn busy with school and some life stuff I could finish my dang farm. Stoopid Fry's only had returned PC133 memory yesterday and there's no way I'm paying $30 for PC133 that someone else has hammered on.

The farm should be operational by the end of this coming weekend though as I'll have all the parts and my office is almost finished.

Let's catch those Aussie's. :D