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Weekly update hiatis.

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003

I feel that the weekly updates have become stale and therefore not fun to read or write. As such, I'm going to step back and re-think about what it should look like and how to move it forward. It must be informative as in letting you see what has changed from week over week at a glance. It also needs to share in the accomplishments of our teammates. Finally, it needs to be interesting in some way.

I also would like to get some "buy in" from you guys. Let me know what you'd like to see in the updates so that I can be sure to incorporate those items in the new product. You guys have been extremely supportive of my efforts and I want to be supportive of your efforts for the team and for the cause of science.

Until further notice, I am putting a pause in the updates with the full intent to return. Maybe it will be "just" informational. Maybe less (or more) tables... I don't know.

I'm still folding and I expect the same. ;) CALL TO ACTION: During the summer months, it is advised that we all clean our folding rigs/farms. Re-apply paste if needed. Clean out dust from heatsinks and filters. Re-do cooling loops if you have them. In other words, lets do a little maintenance now and get ready for the winter push.

We'll keep seeing your guys in the forums and such.
I'd like to see it monthly and published on the front page. We can help and the effort isn't much more at all (especially after you get the first one created, you can copy/paste tables and just update data/words). Write the summary/article, it creates the thread in the forums automagically. ;)

This way you can recruit (from a larger pool of viewers) while showing off our F@H prowess to the world and sharing stats/accomplishments. I'd like to see a push for recruitment to help the team, which brings users to the forums. As you likely know, we're looking to change the forum software and improve it here in a few weeks, what better time to get a flood of new people in... just have to write it up in WordPress instead of forums. We had exposure in that manner back in the day. The only thing holding that back now is......doing it. :) :thup:
Personally I think it's just 'cause I'm going to re-pass Don in 2.5 weeks. 😉