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weird graphical issues

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Aug 30, 2005
Bradenton, FL
So I started notcing this issue playing fallout 4 few days ago. Seen it start happening again while playing Ark today. This only happens when im inside games, but the issue is consistent in both games.

Its like..a horiztal screen tear across entire screen Kinda like a water ripple. And as you can the camera up or down, it moves up the screen. When it gets to the top, it just goes to the bottom and repeats itself.

Think of like an old Degauss type thing you would see on old monitors. Except its only 1 line..about 2-3 cm big and clear, just kinda distorting the part of the monitor that its in. And will move up the screen as you pan the camera and such.

This is screen tearing no? But its seems like a very minor tear, though its completely noticeable.

I have both V-Sync and Free Sync on. I have also just tried with just each on.
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