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Weird Problem with 1.2GHz Celeron + TUSL2-C

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Oct 20, 2002
I just purchased a 1.2GHz Celeron with stepping SL5Y5 and a Asus TUSL2-C motherboard rev 1.04 (Bios Revision 1012). My Current setup is Micron 256MB PC133 Ram, Geforce 2 GTS Video, Sound Blast Live 5.1 MP3+, Kingston KNE 100TX NIC, and NEC 5 port USB 2.0 PCI add on card. I currently did the volt mod and it will run stable at 1584MHz for a little while until it heats up. However once the front side bus is on 133/133/33 it will not post at 1600MHz?? However it will post at 132/132/42?? I just don't understand it?? I need your help in getting this thing to 1600MHz. What kind of RAM are you guys running in your setup? What kind of Heat sink fan combo do you recommend? I currently have a Alpha with a PEP66 fan on there and my temperature is right around 51-52 C and when at 1500 its 41-42 C.



Jan 10, 2002
Dublin, Ireland
I have my 1.2 at 1.6, but I need a good bit of voltage, and I have added a second fan to my pep66 and also two case fans.
Is the temp you are reading from the in-socket thermistor?
This could and usually is off by about 10 degrees, so your CPU temp could be 61-62C. I had this problem when at 128FSB, I would set it to 129 and then windows kept crapping out, at 130 it would not post. I added more fans and better cooling and 133FSV at 1.78V stable as a rock.


Jul 9, 2001
Louisville, KY
I agree 52C is a bit high...your ideal temp should be between 40-45C. How much voltage do you have running to that chip?

My AX-7 keeps my P3-S at 43C under 100% CPU load. And for memory I have crucial PC-133 256Mb that will do 2-2-2 5/7 up to 151FSB so your micron should be no problem at 133.

Can you do 134?