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weird problem

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Holy Joe

New Member
Mar 10, 2002
Hello overclockers :) Say hello to Holy Joe!

First of all this is the main components of my system:

ASUS A7V133c - VIA KT133a - latest bios (final) dated february
Duron (morgan) [email protected] GHz / 1.85v / 12.5 X 108 / Air cooled@40ºc Idle temp. / 45ºc loaded
512 MB SDRAM 133@143
Gforce 256 32MB - 150/210 MHz
SBLive! 5.1 Platinum
AMD PCI SCSI controller
Realtek RTL8139/810X Family Fast Ethernet NIC

Running Windows XP Professional


I'm having some mysterious (at least for me) problems and doubts with this setup and I'm trying to get some help from u guys. Sorry for the incorrect english. not my first language.

NO WAY to post with 133MHz FSB or near. I just get an endless looping beep from the pc speaker. VIA KT133a was supposed to support 133MHz FSB. Why is that? any idea?

If I was able, that would be better to have the FSB set to 133Mhz and a lower multiplier, Am I correct? Or may I leave it at 12.5 X 109?

Is there any problem of running my RAM 10Mhz higher than It's stock speed? My bios just let me change the ram speed at the same time of the FSB. Or I set the ram speed at 100 and start increase as much as the FSB value or I start the ram at 133 and then increase the FSB, but then I'm overclocking the ram speed. Am I correct? Is that a problem?

My system is very stable at 1350 MHz. No problem at all.
But at 1360 or higher (yes just 10Mhz!) the problems begin.
I can get it to post and completely load windows at maximum speed of 1375 it hangs at windows startup @ 1400 why? temperatures?
Well as I was saying problems begin at 1360. No problems using windows explorer or surfing the web. I just have problems with 3D software/games. At 1360 Maya and quake3 arena both hangs. And all I can do is restart the machine.

I'd really like to push my system even further. (overclockers you know what I mean and feel) Every MHz is welcome. What can I do to solve this problem with 3D application? Apparently It's my Gforce 256 fault. Or is it the CPU?

Tks for ur time reading.
I'm looking forward to get some help.


well for one, the durons above 1ghz just aren't great overclockers, that's just the way it is. Your temps are at about as far as you'd want to push them anyways, so you might want to look into better cooling, is it pc100 or pc133 ram being used?
The higher the FSB the better, so u should lower multies & up the FSB if ur RAM supports it.
Now, u say u have the newest BIOS for the A7V-133C, I can't seem to download it, it says file not found, could u upload the zipped BIOS file?
ppl... tks for ur help but as i see your feedback/answeres i think you're not reading my post!!!!

here u have the latest and greatest bios file for asus a7v133c
there is no reason a card should be held back at 100mhz fsb, that's not the problem. At your current temps you risk stability if you push the cpu higher anyways. So yes, lower the multiplier and go for a higher fsb, you arent going to get any more out of th duron with the cooling you have now.
1. Durons for the most part WILL not run at 133mhz FSB.

2. 12.5x109 just may be your limit for this chip

3. Yes, that is correct, no problem there

4. You have reached the limits of your chip, every CPU has a breaking point.

5. CPU's fault, I would try to get more voltage to that chip or try getting some real good RAM. Maybe even switching to DDR.

Welcome to the forums and GOOD LUCK!!
lol that's a lie i have a duron 750 spit fire sitting on my work bench that readily runs at 150mhz fsb with normal pc133 sdram
when you tried 133FSB, was the mutliplier still at 12.5 ? if so, then that's your problem. Try lowering the multiplier and increasing the FSB the most you can.
I got a Morgan, and its @ 171fsb. Your going to need to clock down the multiplier to adjust the FSB that high. Another thing is that I'm on a DDR setup, so it maybe easier to get it to higher FSB's.

First of all, Welcome to the forums.

That being said, here is part of an earlier reply I made to a similar question in another thread;

"To elaborate on the above replies. If you were to unlock your CPU you could run at 133MHz+ with a lower multiplier. I'd suggest starting at 7*133, this would get you to 931MHz, a good starting point. If you increase your FSB you will realize a system wide performance improvement."

In addition, I've got three DURONs here that have run with the FSB in excess of 133MHz. While it's true that the later higher speed DURONs have less overhead for overclocking, you should be able to run that CPU at a 133MHz+ FSB to at least the default of 1.2 by lowering the multiplier to 9 and increasing the FSB to 133MHz. Furthermore, seeing as how you've gotten to 1.35 with a 108MHz FSB, I think that 10*135 is a realistic goal. Currently I have a 1G DURON at 1.2 (8*151). Of course, successfully unlocking the CPU is a prerequisite to be able to do this, fortunately the Morgan core DURONs are still ceramic without the pits of the XP's and a simple pencil trick will usually suffice.

As far as the temperatures go, it has been reported the ASUS Probe reports temperatures as much as 10C higher than actual, my experience with the ASUS boards confirm this.

Good luck!
1. Durons default speed is 100 FSB. Your processor is holding you back. Unlock it and lower the multiplier. Processor performance will not improve, but memory performance will.

2. See above.

3. Is it top quality? (Micron, Kingston, crucial) if so, 10 MHz shoudn't make a difference.
Is it mid-quality? (samsung, etc...) Maybe, maybe not.
Is it generic? (can't find the brand in the forums) It could easily be a problem.
Search the forums to find out the quality of the memory you have.

4. Try upping the voltage. If that doesn't work, try lowering it! (I've only heard of the lowering voltage trick working on two machines, but mine is one of them.) Keep in mind that the processor speed you have MAY be it's top speed. Unlocking and adjusting the bus speed will confirm this: If the max processor speed is the same at different bus speeds, your processor is the limiting factor.

5. It's probably the CPU. You might try some agressive cooling, like watercooling or a water-cooled peltier, but there is no guarantee. Of course, at that rate, you'd might as well just sell your processor and get a 1500XP.

Good luck!
I'm starting to get nervous with this morgan *******

tk u very much for all your replies.

Pls be patient with me. I'm very courious and i like to understand everything i'«m dealing with. so if you want to help i really appreciate.

Let me say to u that my DURON in unlocked and I did lower the multiplier in order to increase the FSB!

But with no luck!

Someone said that 109 is probably my limit but no! I'm able to post and load windows perfectly at 120 FSB.

But that is the MAX! My machine doesn't even boot at 121 :( WHY?
I did lower the multiplier... to get 1gig for exemple. So the problem here is not the multiplier.

Not even the ram since I can get this ram to work at 150MHZ... so why the hell should my ram stop to work at 121FSB?...

Some ppl say that durons cannot work more than 100FSB... some ppl say that their durons can get to more than 133FSB.

Mine cannot get more than 121? Why???? Is there any logical reason?

And... why the hell windows works perfectly at 1375 but any speed higher than 1350 make 3D applications/games hang my machine?

Why does this happens? Do I need a better graphics card? Or is it normal that at certain speeds the cpu stops working good with 3D????

Someone told me that my problem is the AGP BUS.

It's not because 3D applications/games hang my machine only above 1350MHz. No matter if I have 12.5x108 or 11.5x117...


I'm thinking this is probably HEAT! And if i can drop the cpu temp I might get this ******* not to hang 3D stuff at speeds higher than 1350.

Gimme feedback

And... tks a lot ;)
It may be heat stoping you i have a duron 1gig i can get to over 150fsb by droping the multi.the crappy thing is with fsb it could be anything stoping you from nic card to vid card.Some one here told me to get a video card overclocking program and uderclock my video card till my pc was at a happy medium as he put it and it worked really well give that a shot.Good luck
Well, in that case, it sounds like the processor may NOT be the problem. In fact, it sounds more like the video card. Here's an idea.... Try lowering the multiplier to 10X and increasing the bus speed to 133. This should kick in the next pci/agp divisor. (PCI runs at 33mhz, so from 100-132, the divisor is /3, and after 133, the divisor is /4.) If your video card or one of your other cards is the problem, this should cure it. And your processor will be running at a speed which you know will work, so you'll be able to rule it out.
You could also use some better cooling, but that probably isn't the problem.
tks but the problem is that my machine does not post at 121 or any higher than that!
Did you TRY 133 with the lower multiplier? It probably WON'T post between 121 and 133 because of the PCI divisor. But 133, 134, etc, should work just fine if this is the problem. Do you have, or can you get/borrow a processor rated for 133FSB? If so, use it to test your machine, and you can then tell for sure whether it is the processor or not.
how are you saving your multiplier changes in the bios. I had my athelon 900 Mhz @ 1156 Mhz 136fsb/8.5 It came locked. But even after I unlocked it, it would not save the changes unless I saved and exited with F10. If I changed it and then moved left or right to another catogory it would reset itself. I had to use the F10 option after selecting it with ENTER. Just a thought. It probably will not help you. I think that you would have noticed if your multiplier was reseting itself.