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Weird TH7II Problem- PLEASE HELP!!!

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New Member
Oct 14, 2002
Los Angeles, CA

Have a weird th7II problem. The computer will post but NOT recognize the raid at all (as if the HPT370A is not present AT ALL - bios does NOT show up). As a result, NO boot drives are found except for the CD ROMS. Cannot even boot from the floppy to flash the bios. Also, in the BIOS screen for specifying the boot order, the ATA100RAID shows up as ATA133RAID!!!! what the hell??? When I load the optimized defaults, it shows up as normal ata100RAID and the raid MAY show up after the initial BOOT, BUT it does not find the drives (and they are connected). Once it did recognize one, another time both of my RAID0 drives, and it actually started windows but abruptly shut down.

I'm running BF+ BIOS by Arman69. Have been running it for a month without problems and all of a sudden on the routine boot, it just won't start.It's not the CPU/tested it with a brand new 1.8A. Has got to be the motherboard or the BIOS.

Any suggestions?



Sep 30, 2002
New England
doh!, I just download the BF+ bios to try myself soon, Arman69 stated that you have to update the HPT370 bios to 2.32 before flashing the BF+ (i'm at 2.32 now, so I think i'm all set) 2.34 is the newest raid driver that just came out a couple days ago.

Well, hope someone solves your problem soon.... because it could be my problem later :)


Apr 3, 2002
Delft, The Netherlands
I don't think it has anything to do with the drivers, as they only come into play when Windows is loaded.

Did you disable the RAID-controller by accident in the normal BIOS? Or did it get disabled in the BIOS by some random phenomenon? Can you still see the option enable/diable ATA 100 RAID controller in the BIOS?