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Well, blow me down...

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Inactive Moderator
Feb 13, 2001
Twin Cities
Yes, you too can have a .2C/W HSF!!!

I was disassembling my system in preparation for adding a new HSF Tuesday afternoon and thought I'd try this on for size. Fan produces 156 CFM. It knocked 20C off my core (Duron 600/1000 1.85V) It is tough shouting over it though.

Thought we all could use some levity, waiting for winter to end.

Hmmm, hook that up to the old toyota... Instant supercharging!! How can you think over that thing!!!
All i gotta say OMG and WTF. That's a real good idea, now if you can only do the same thing, a little smaller,patent it and sell it to overclockers, and you'll make a pretty penny or two. Two questions though, how loud is it and can it take a finger off?

The Don
It was just for laughs and giggles. It's a spare fan for my 1.5 kW VHF amplifier. The noise level was loud, but the main component of the noise was air rushing, not whine. About like sticking your head out of the car window at 60 MPH. The Swiftech 462A arrived today.
I'll summarize that in a different post.