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Well here is my first WC setup

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doh! sorry guys. does anyone know how to post an image here? I have seen it done
I'm adding a message to subscribe to the thread. Hope you get pics fixed soon. In the mean time, why don't you tell us what watercooling gear you are using.
well no pic so a thousand words will have to do

Well my setup is just plain old danger den stuff a mase3 for my cpu and their GeForce 4 block. but the cool part was the radiator I know the radiator is not the sexy part of a w/c system but I was pretty proud of it. I started with a transmition oil cooler I got from auto zone for 15.00. So a lot of work needed to be done as it was just a 4 pass radiator with no shroud. So I went to the hardware store picked up some sheet metal, I had some left handed cutters so I thought I would be in good shape. So I get to cutting and right away I start running into problems that sheet isn't easy to work with. Several bad cuts later and even using the chisel a few times I had something that not only looked bad but didn't even function real well (leaks everywhere). Finally I gave up and called a friend of mine who did duct work on home central A/C and asked if he had any tips and maybe tools I could borrow. He told me to come over and we would see what could be done. After explaining what needed to be done he eventually at some point in my sad tale he said he would take me to a guy that does custom duct work that he needs some times. I was amazed at how much equipment this guy had to work with this stuff he had a sheet metal break and a cutter as well that you just stepped on a pedal and in a big scissor motion it would cut cleanly a whole sheet. Needles to say he built a cool little enclosure that houses 2 120mm fans and room for up to 4 of the radiators that I purchased from auto zone so I could cool a whole lot more. All of the seams interlocked to prevent air loss and all of the edges were cut clean and straight. Obviously this is a separate unit from my PC but I have a mini tower so no room to mount inside anyway. Anyway aside from the temperature difference 10c from an hcc-001 heat sink which was a pretty good hsf (just so dang loud!) was the noise I had a lot of fans going to keep temp where I wanted and I shut them all down. I still have one fan on the side that pumps air in but it is quite and runs at a low rpm. I know not everyone knows someone who can do this but he only charged me 10.00 american and that aint bad.
Nice but not as nice as my "EXOS" knock-off ;)

Seriously, it does look nice, i will be posting pictures of mine once i get the block(maze 3 slow *** fed ex) and everything's working and i have some temps to report. :)
go to www.theforumisdown you can upload pics there and just use a '
' to show them
sorry all i cant take off the password I didnt know that it required a sign up to view pics (lame). I will post elsewhere and let you all know.
Strange. I had no problem seeing them. Nice external setup. Man that liquid is bright neon. Evertime I see liquid that far from clear water, I always get the impression it flows like milk.
what is odd is that is from 3 drops of this dye that i added. plus the flash on my cammera seems to make it glow it is not so bright under regular light. One thing i did notice is there are a few bubbles that i could not remove and it seemed to make a lot of noise when it went through the pump then i added water wetter and it got a lot more quite the bubbles turned very small .