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Well I'll be a hairy monkey... (air case cooling stuff)

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Mar 12, 2002
Villanova, PA
I was reading some document on the amd website about air flow, and so I flipped one of my fans from blowing in, to blowing out and it droped my case temp 3 degrees, and my cpu temp 3 degrees also. All this from just turning a fan around (which I did while everything in my computer was on:p ) I though that was pretty cool, now I have 2 fans blowing out the back, and 1 blowing in.
The placement of components and cables inside a system also plays a big role in the quility of airflow in a system. While nuthouse got a drop intemps, someone else's temperatures may rise by trying the same thing. The only real way to find out what will work for you, is to try for yourself. flip one fan around and watch your temps. If they go, up put it back the way it was, and try on another fan. Keep playing with them till you get the lowest possible temps and you're set. I also recommend using tape to hold the fans in while you're trying this. Screwing fans in and unscrewing them is a pain in the arse, not to mention it may make the mounting holes widen to the point where you will have to move to a bigger screw to hold them in.

your fan's rpms may drop, but mine will increase rpm when airflow is restricted. I guess I just have to different!!
When my new system gets here, to experiment with blowhole placement in the sides I'm gonna make a few cardboard side panels out of old boxes and tape them on, after all, you can only cut your case once, and you can hold the fans in position all you like with the case open, but it ain't going to be the same closed.

Yeah, everybody's case is different, you want those extra few degrees, you've gotta work for them.

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