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went a tec setup

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yah that will do a tec fine... your gonna need a cold plate though. but uhhhh. let the other guys tell you the rest im not to big with this however if some one can guide me and water_cooler to an insulation guide im sure it could help us both...
does anyone know a good psu for a 226w tec and how to put the tec on a psu.Does anyone know if i can put a cold plate on my dd maze 3
water_cooler 20 said:
i have a via aqua pump,dd maze 3 wb and heatercore is this good enothe for a tec
Sure, you're prepped for TEC use. Your equipment will run best with a 172W or 226 W TEC. I haven't seen any trialouts between heatercores and Black ICE extreme. A guy I spoke to tried 226W tec + Eheim 1048 + Black Ice Extreme... it didn't work out perfectly. His temps started to rise, and when it stopped it wasn't exactly "super cooled" anymore.
I don't know how much heat the XP 2400 deliverers overclocked, so basicly we have nothing to count on.

I hope you got a good heater core and a flow that beats the Eheim 1048.
If the cooling capacity isn't enough you'll end up with the same result with the 172 W and the 226 W TEC.

Other pain in the *** stuff with supercooling is insulation and condensation prevention. You need to cover not only the socket, but also a bit around the socket aswell. Don't forget the inside of the socket, needs to be stuffed aswell. A pain in the *** with TEC cooling is getting 'nuff power to the TEC. Very few can run a 226 W tec on the PC powersupply. You'll most probably need a separate PS.
were can i get a good psu for my 226W tec and can i put it in my drive cage and do u know any good insulation giudes
a 12v power supply for that bigboy is gonna be costly. get a couple of decent atx power supplies(may i suggest dealsonic) and diode isolate the 12volt side and run them in parallel. i did this for my pelt and got 12v 30 amps for about 30$ with shipping.if you bought a regular 30 amp 12v supply it would cost you at least 200$ good luck............