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We're Neck and Neck

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Senior Member
Jan 9, 2006
As T32 Milestones Fly By!

            Computekinc.us @ 50,312,832[/color][color=#DFFFDF]

                     Bayna @ 41,142,855

              Wicked_Pixie @ 35,678,505[/color][color=#BFFFBF]

                  hrsetrdr @ 20,170,801

                     klear @ 15,063,062[/color][color=#9FFF9F]

                dismorphic @ 12,286,913

                surferseth @ 10,291,750[/color][color=#7FFF7F]

              JollySwagman @ 7,122,551
                   Eggbert @ 7,013,796[/color][color=#5FFF5F]

                   hardass @ 4,000,505[/color][color=#3FFF3F]

                        NV @ 2,025,591
                    3tron3 @ 2,016,042[/color][color="Yellow"]

                     Duner @ 1,037,947[/color][color=#1FFF1F]

                   gottcha @ 786,864
              CrazyJayhawk @ 772,596
         texasoverclockers @ 758,856
                  Jedi3Dfx @ 755,727[/color][color=#06FF06]

                   ebug122 @ 367,853[/color][color=#00DC00]

                   cbenn16 @ 236,546
                 flaughert @ 220,600
Computekinc.us has shown just how fast these milestones can be raced by. If you earn 250,000+ ppd!! Both he and Bayna (aka Cuda340), are racing into HayesK's rear view mirror (he's at 59 Million, but they're gaining!).

All three are among the strongest folding powerhouses on the planet!

Not to be overlooked is Wicked Pixie's new folding surge (2.67 Million points just this month), and Hrsetrdr's new i7 folding power. WTF!

Klear and Dismorphic are now at 15 and 12 Million respectively, but Klear, watch your rear view, because Dismorphic has stepped it up to over 100,000 ppd, and is racing by anybody in his way.

Apparently Dismorphic is not a fan of this "neck and neck" stuff. :D

Surferseth leads out JollySwagman (whom we must thank for this data), and Eggbert, at 10 and 7 Million. Surferseth you might know as a mentor in the forum, but he's also a strong Top 20 folder.

I can't catch him, but I plan on being neck and neck with JS and Eggbert, in just a few weeks.
:burn: :burn:

Hardass has jumped ahead to 4 Million, while NV and 3tron3 are at half that. I don't know anyone who has overcome more difficulties with the folding clients, than Hardass. NV is clearly big on the GPU client. He's either above 50k for the day, or he's below 10k. Nothing in between! :)

Great to see these three rising up into the higher brackets.

Duner is our newest Millionaire Club member! If anyone tries to give you a worn down toothbrush, Duner, excuse yourself quickly and tell them you have to make a beer run for Harlam. Trust me on this, Duner. :p

In the sub million group, Gottcha leads a strong contingent of 750k folders, but watch out for Ebug - he's been having some real good folding days.

TexasOverclockers, Jedi3dfx, CrazyJayhawk, Cbenn, and Flaughert, I look forward to seeing you join us in the higher brackets, and appreciate your support for T32.

For all of the above, a big Well Done, and Congratulations :thup:

On or about January 23rd, we will finally be passing OCAU - a long sought after goal. About 3 days later, we'll be passed by the strongest team ever to fold - EVGA.

In the top teams of Folding @ Home, that's rare - and shows we are indeed neck and neck.

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Mar 20, 2007
Congrats to all our 'Stoners! I've been seeing Duner in my rear view mirror for some time now... 20 places behind me, but soon to leave me in the dust! WTF!!


Señor Senior Member
May 17, 2005
Close to the San Andreas Fault
Hey, it's been a long time since I got [mile]stoned! :)

I had been 'laying low' a bit earlier this year, in order to keep the electric bill tolerable...part of my "greener-but-meaner" folding farm goal. The meaner part is fulfilled nicely with the i7 hardware.



Sep 20, 2007

For all of the above, a big Well Done, and Congratulations :thup:

Milestones Have Been Updated

Data - Sun Dec 27 @ 10:30:00 PST 2009


Wishing You all the Best for a Safe and Happy New Year

Roll on 2010

Fold On!


Jan 9, 2002
congrats stoners!

I will make a comeback when I retool in the spring/summer :)

Can't wait for SMP2 GPU3 and Nvidia's new cards!