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Westinghouse L2046NV

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Overclockers Team Content Editor
Jun 17, 2005
My neighbor just gave me the Westinghouse L2046NV and said it didn't work but I might be able to fix it/I could have it. I'm stumped and google turned up nothing so I turn to the real experts.

What this monitor does it, if it's hooked up via vga or dvi when you first turn it on/it first gets a signal it will stay on for a good 2-3 seconds then it cycles off. It goes into standby mode (light turn from green to orange). During the boot process, I'll see 3 seconds of bios, 3 seconds of grub, then 3 second of linux kernel booting then if I turn it off or on, I can get the computer/nvidia settings to recognize it, but I can't do anything with it. If I close nvidia-settings and reopen it the monitor will be gone. However if I turn the monitor off and on I can keep getting it recognized for a few seconds at a time.

I don't know what could be wrong.


Overclockers Team Content Editor
Jun 17, 2005
The fix was here:

The "solution" option on this website is not working. Your problem is that your fluorescent backlight is outbecause the inverter circuit is broken. You will need a soldering iron,copper braided desoldering wire, thermal paste, and some skillz. You willhave to replace the following components. Brackets are [optional]:

Q206, [Q205]
C204, CE101, [CE109]
[CE103], [CE104]

SMT (backside of PCB):

Order these components from Mouser Electronics:
2x On Semi 60V 45A TO-220 N-Channel FET
2x Aavid Thermalloy Heatsink for above FETs
3x Nichicon 220uF 35V Capacitors
2x Nichicon 1000uF 25V Capacitors

1x Bourns 4A 1210 SMT Fuse

I suspect that there is a flaw in the fluorescent inverter circuit that allowsboth NFETs to turn on at the same time (causing a short between some of thecapacitors and ground). I further suspect that this only happens when themonitor comes out of standby mode. If this is the case, you may getincreased life out of this fix by powering off the monitor, waking up yourcomputer, THEN turning it back on rather than allowing the monitor to come outof standby on its own. You may get increased life even if you ignore thisadvice because of the added heatsinks and the low ESR capacitors that Ichose.

If you find this information helpful, or if you repost it somewhere else pleasemake a donation to the SalvationArmy.

- EEGordon

I ended up only replacing the two mosfets, and 5 capacitors. the fuse was still good.


Mar 15, 2009
London, Croydon
nice lol, how much is the monitor worth? I remember buying a faulty 4850 sapphire off ebay when they were reasonably new, I payed £30 for it, and made some money out of the oven trick :D