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What&#39s the diff?

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New Member
Jan 3, 2001

I'm buying a motherboard and see two ASUS boards, an A7V and an A7PRO. Which one is better for overclocking? TIA.
As far as I can see from asus' website, the only difference is the lack of a Promise ATA100 controller on the A7Pro, which only has 2 IDE connectors, both with UDMA66 support - the A7V has 2 UDMA66 and 2 ATA100 IDE connectors, meaning you can have more IDE devices and ATA100 hard drives. Seeing as the rest of the boards are the same I guess they'd be just as good at ocing, though maybe the Promise ATA100 controller on the A7V might slightly affect fsb ocing - but then you won't get a fsb much higher than 110, if that, from any KT133 board, so that's pretty much irrelevent. If you can get hold of one (could be hard, I'm not certain they're out yet) go for a KT133a board, like the A7Va - that'll let you oc even more, according to early reports.

Thanks for the info. I saw both boards for sale on one of the website and there's about a $25 difference with the A7Pro being cheaper. I'm trying to save a few coins and if there's really no difference between the two, I'd just as soon buy the cheaper one. I could spend the savings on other peripherals.