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What about the Geforce 3's???

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New Member
Nov 13, 2002
Hey, one of the points of overclocking is getting the most of what you can, sometimes on a budget. Everyone's talking about GF4 TI4600's. I have a PNY Geforce3 64DDR card in an MSI KT3 Ultra 2 based system w/AMD XP1800+, 512mb PC2100 DDR. I have clocked a best 8112 on 3dmark2k1 Pro w/all tests enabled. I don't think this is too shabby. I can run every game out there with all graphics options maxed out and they all run with acceptable framerates, all at 800x600 or 1024x768 32bit color.
My system is currently OC'd at 139mhz x 2, and I use Powerstrip to OC the video card. I welcome replys and comments as to wether or not this is a good score for 3dmark2k1 on a Geforce 3.


Oct 15, 2002
Thats not a bad score, My personal best with my card is a 8702, this is with the OC'ing below


Oct 10, 2002
Highland Park, NJ
I am with you. I have one of the original Vision Tek GeForce 3's(probably one of the first 100 to hit the market) at default settings it does 8000+ on 3DMark and OC'd she will do almost 10,000. Lord only knows what she could do in the hands of some experienced in OC'ing a video card(all I did was enable Coolbits and then raised the Clock Frequencies by 5 until it failed(got to about 240X530)