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What are my options on a GA-7DX

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New Member
Nov 9, 2002
CPU is AMD T'bird 1gHz 200mHz FSB

Mobo is:

GA-7DX (Rev. 2.2)
AMD® 761 AGPset

Socket A for AMD Athlon/Duron200MHz FSB processors
95*/100/103*/105*/110*/115*/133* MHz FSB
Auto-detects CPU voltage

AMD-761 north bridge
VIA 686B south bridge
AC97 codec

Supports up to 2GB of PC1600/DDR200 DDR SDRAM
2 DDR DIMMs of 184-pin sockets
Supports 72bits ECC type DRAM integrity mode

I *THINK* that this board *MIGHT POSSIBLY* support both 200 and 266 FSB cpu's, as there is a jumper that right now is set for 100mHz and can be moved to enable 133mHz, and there are dip switches that can be set to enable 133mHz on the CPU.

But the literature on their website differentiates the version 2.2's from the version 3.x and 4.x, and seems to limit the 2.2 to 200 FSB. There a switch, with settings silkscreened on the mobo, to allow CPU frequency of up to 133. But I guess that is still thru a FSB running at 200 and not 266?

If I can go to 266 for the FSB, am I limited to Athlon T'bird series (up to 1.4 gHz with 266 FSB) or can I drop in other Socket A Athlons like 1600+, 1700+ etc??

Thinking that if I can drop in a faster CPU that costs me ~$80 it might be worth it. If not I'll wait a bit and probably replace the mobo and CPU but not right away as this system is not that bad/slow. (There are slightly faster T-birds still available with 200FSB, but I dont think its worth it to go from 1.0 to 1.2 gHz.)
I immagine it will run 266 cpu's but its just not specifially designed for it, so chances are it will work they just don't garentie it. I don't see why a 1600+ wouldn't work if thats the case... it just may not recognize it correctly.