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What are the fastest procs I can get for this

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Aug 12, 2002
Gettysburg, PA
I bought


that motherboard from somebody on these forums a while back however I never bought any procs for it. I want to know what the fastest procs it can take are.

1ghz is the minimum of what I want however I dont want to spend over about 175 bucks on the processors because I will need ram too (have everything else for the computer). So how much are these p3's runnin for nowadays? I heard they are expensive. I guess I will start searching on ebay unless you guys know somewhere else that willl have P3's for rather cheap. And I assume that this can take any P3 as long as it is socket 370?


IT Director Senior
Oct 15, 2001
For future reference, links to your ebay sales are a no-no in the forum.

You can say "I have a sale of ebay, do a search for sales by thebyrdfriend." but you can't post links.