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What are the true advantages to getting tygon over clearflex

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Feb 7, 2002
I really don't want to waste the extra money...seems to me like the only difference is price and name...


Sep 26, 2002
I actualy see a big difference. The Tygon has thinner walls, is more flexable, and doesnt have the very very light blueish tint that clearflex60 has. I would chose Tygon over CF60 if oyu got the cash. If not CF60 gets the job done, but its a lot more heavier then Tygon. CF60 also has a better turn radious over the Tygon.

I actually like the PVC based tubing the best. It is in the middle of Tygon and CF60 interms of tunr radious and weight. It also doesnt have any dumb writing on it like the others have.


Sep 29, 2001
Staten Island , NY
I worked with many types of tubing and work in many labs in school.
The preffered tubing material is by far tygon over any vinyl based tubing. It comes down to chemical resistance, memory , halflife , flexibility, operating temperature , and strenght. Tygon out performs any vinyl based tubing (ie. clearflex) without a doubt.

But because most of the overclockers today that watercool dont exactly have a huge budget to spend on tubing - many turn to clearflex. To an untrained eye the clearflex seems just as good as tygon, and thats okay since you will probably never come to a point were tygons advantages will favor it.

(execpt flexibility and temp resistance - most common grades of tygon can withstand boiling liquids passing through it .....so if your fan on your radiator ever fails melted tubing will not be a problem.)

I use tygon and will never go back to silicone or vinyl.........I am fortunate enough to have the extra $$$ for tygon (have a 50ft. roll at home:D) and believe you shouldn't be cheap when it comes to playin with eletrical components and water.

But if your in high school or just a bit of a cheapskate then buying tygon doesnt benefit you at all. (kinda like why buy a porshce if you can have 4 fords)

Hope this helps some of you guys in choosing the right tubing.


Unoriginal Macho Moderator
Oct 12, 2001
Los Angeles
AFAIK, Tygon and Clearflex are BOTH PVC tubing. I have no experience with clearflex but I want to try it out, The 1/8" wall tygon is like $3.20 a foot. D-Tek sells the 1/16" wall tygon which I don't like, it kinks too easy compared to the thick wall although you do pay a premium for it.