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SOLVED What are these radiators like compared to the DD Cube?

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Firstly, sorry about the size of the pics!

These Senfu Radiators are sold in Australia for AUS$85, to get a DD Cube sent to me would cost about AUS$180. So I am hoping these are good. The Radiator piping looks 1/2 inch but the connections look a lot smaller, I am hoping these can be modified to run 1/2 again.

Has anyone used, or no about these radiators please?
Depends on how much heat you need to dissapate. If your just cooling the cpu i think either would do fine. I use a Transmission radiator with only four pass tubing and get 41C at full load for over 24hrs. I would not think that you could justify spending that much more for what I think would be a minimal difference, if any.
That sounds like a lot of $$$ to me. To save some money try an auto parts store. Transmition coolers and heater cores make good rads for a cooling setup. You can even hit a junk yard and probably walk away with one for almost nothing.
Whichever radiator you wind up going with, try to choose a water block of the same material as the core of the radiator.

Pay attention to Hoot.
This radiator looks to be the same size and passes as the DD one, but also looks to possibly be made of aluminum. It is hard to tell from pictures. The DD one has copper tubes to match the DD waterblocks. If you mix copper and aluminum they both release ions into your coolant. These ions will corrode the other material. Copper will corrode aluminum and vice versa. Corrosion makes clogs and you should know what a clog can do to a water cooler. If you have an aluminum block, you found a better radiator than the DD. If you have copper then stay away.
This one is actually copper, but they have painted it silver.

Looks like a good radiator, with some mods it should be as good as the DD Cube. Now where is my jig saw :)

I shall post when I get the kit going
if it is a copper radiator then it looks like a great deal! Even if the Cube is better, you can't justify the price difference, if it is not that great, then you can get a second one and still pay less and just daisy chain your radiators.