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what are you guys useing to power your peltiers?

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phantom punisher

Jan 4, 2001
fort drum NY
i know you can use a second computer powersupply to run them but if read where that is realy not what the require. im just woundering mainly the succes people have had using a normal computer psu because on price watch you can get a 300w for 15$ or a 400w for 65$ right now. and then i saw that danger den block is only 30$ it looks like it could be reasonable to set one of these up
Essentially, if they list the PSU brand name, go to their Web site, if they have one and look up the specs of the different output voltages, if they have them. If you choose a peltier that wants 11A at 12V, make sure the PSU is rated to deliver 11A at 12V continuous. It it does, then it will work for your peltier.]
One caveat though. PSU obtain the +12V, +3.3V and +5V power from the same Pulse Width Modulated "chopper" source, but the regulation of the pulse width is strictly determined by the current drain on the +5V output. Translation: It may not regulate the +12V output very well without an equivalent load on the +5V output.

i found stats for enermax psu they have a 272 watt supply with a 10 amp max on the 12 volt. i cant find any other manufacture listings. dose this sound like a average rating because these units are 30 dollars more than the cheap 300 watt supplys
Thats about average or maybe a tad above average, I sincerely would use another supply to power the pelt, with all the new vid cards, pci cards/ fast drives and whatnot, the pci buss actually gets saturated from all the periphs, and when running Many periphs, there just isn't enuff extra juice for that pelt.
damn thats some great answers. im still in the thinking phase. i found a link on another post for a 15v 10 amp supply for only 35 bucks! origanaly i was gonna use a second computer psu and just live with the poor performace but now i see that it is posible to get reasonable psu that would work slick with a peltier. ive got vaca coming up, could be joining the water revolution.
I use an external 24V 10amp external powersupply to power my peltier. Got it for 50 bucks on ebay. That's the place to look for powersupplies ;).