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What are you OC'ing with? 290/x gpu's in crossfire

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The Printer Guru
Feb 9, 2002
I was usuing GPU Tweak from Asus for the longest time but since upgrading to Win10 and Newest drivers GPU-Tweak just locks my pc up when i touch anything on it.

touch volt limits. - Locked - touch voltage locked - touch either mem or gpu clocks locked up . basically constant locked up .

so what are people ocing these cards with atm in win10?


Jan 12, 2015
Gab the latest copy of MSI AB unless your Asus cards use Custom Voltage controllers. Install AB completely as there are 2 parts. The first part installs AB and the second one installs another program BUT it also checks your DX setup. It will download and install any DX software that you are missing. AB only allows a 100mv increase :( Here's the info you are looking for, I tracked it down so we have a copy :)

The credit for this goes to Unwinder, the coder for MSI AB

Unwinder says you can put this "/wi6,30,8d,10" into the target of an MSI AB shortcut and get 100mV added onto your core, so i tried it out and it turns out it works. Did some thinking and talking with tsm106 and we realized that you can use this to change voltage at will.

To set +100mV offset:
MSIAfterburner.exe /wi6,30,8d,10

To restore original voltage:
MSIAfterburner.exe /wi6,30,8d,0

10 = 100mV and 0 = 0mV (Back to stock). You can also add more voltage. Like i did, instead of 10 put 20 you'll get 200mV.

Be careful though, AFAIK there's no real limit.

1. Find your MSI AB directory.
2. Make a shortcut of the MSI AB.exe onto your desktop.
3. Right click, properties and paste this at the end of target "/wi6,30,8d,10" Behind MSI AB.exe. This will give you 100mV hence the number 10. (Change the last 2 digits)
4. Run the shortcut after running the shortcut with edited target and you should have an extra 100mV. (This will not launch MSI AB, you'll have to launch MSI AB from the original .exe or shortcut)

To go back to stock just put 00 there instead of 10-15-20-25 etc etc. And keep this in mind guys.
Originally Posted by lukext View Post
The two digits you add are in hexidecimal and each step adds 6.25mv. For 150mv you need 24 decimal which would be 18 in hex not 15. Putting 15 gives about +131mv
Do NOT come whining at me if you fry your shyt. I have done this personally and ive got no issues YET. And i dont think i will. And increase the last 2 numbers in small increments just to be safe.

/wi6,30,8d,10 = 100mV
/wi6,30,8d,20 = 200mV <--- Wouldnt go past this tbh.
/wi6,30,8d,30 = 300mV
/wi6,30,8d,40 = 400mV
/wi6,30,8d,50 = 500mV


Jul 7, 2013
I have always used MSI AfterBurner personally, never had any issues. Killed my card once, but I'm pretty sure that was the 100% OC I had running on the GPU and Memory Clocks.:chair: