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What are your temps with Pelts with watercooling?

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Feb 15, 2001
Harford, WI.
I'm just curious as to what everyone else is getting for temps with running tecs along with watercooling.
I'm not talking about chilling your water to get it colder just straight water with a rad, or cooling tower or whatever you use.

If you do use a chiller of some sort to cool the water feel free to post as well, Just make sure you specify what your doing.

Please post your temps along with the specs of your cooling system.

Thanks in advance guys!

Heres mine:
85w tec (cpu @ 1.85v's)
Rio 200 gph inline pump.
2" X 2.5" X 5\8" aluminum waterblock from Tom Leufkens
12" X 5" X 3\4" Rad from Tom Leufkens.
This is a closed loop system with no reservoir. I have one 120mm fan @ 5v's & one 90mm fan @ 12v's on the rad.

idle = 3c
Full load = 10c
PIII 700@1050 (1.75V)
Home made aluminium waterblocks, 120W pelt on cpu, 72W pelt on Geforce3, 15A 9-15V adjustable PSU (set @14V), 250mmx150mmx50mm Radiator(peugeot 205 heater core) with two 120mm fans thermostatically controlled, Maxiflow 750 (620ltr/hr) inline pump, 3/4" and 1/2" tubing throughout, closed loop no resevoir.

minus26C idle
minus 2C load

Here's a pic:
I'm running an amd k6-2 500 with water cooling. I'v got a 2cool computers water reservoir with a rio 180 pump going to a danger den maze copper block. My radiator is also a danger den cooling cube. My cpu usually runs about three or four degrees C over room temp. so in the neighborhood of 19-25C Also using redline water wetter.
Running a Celeron@1008 at 2.2v cooled with 4mm Cold Plate/85Watt Peltier/Overclockers Hideout 2" Cu waterblock combination fed through 3/8" ID tubing fro an open 5 Gal. reservoir maintained at 27c :-

Peltier Voltage Temp(C) Temp(C)
Loaded Idle
15 13 - 14 NA
13.8 14 - 15 NA
10 18 -8
9 20 NA
8 22 -4
7 24 -- 26 -2
5 33 4

I am no happy cycling through freezing point so some "Idle" Temps have not been measured. Loaded is with Jouni Vuorio's Stability Test .
Have similar results using a Drift 172Watt Peltier up to 16.75v ( 6amp,90watt?)