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What Back Up Program?

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Nov 16, 2001
U.S. East Coast
I want to connect 2 slave drives to my PC (XP Home) and back up the entire 1st slave drive (SATA connection) to the 2nd slave drive (eSATA connection). The 1st slave drive is a primary drive from another system with O/S (XP Pro), programs, and data files to be backed up.

What back up program should I use? Thanks
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May 30, 2004
Look on the manufacturer's website for some drive utilities; I think they all have something. The only requirement is that 1 of the drives be the manufacturers you're getting the software from. Most are Acronis derived. You could also buy Acronis. Clonezilla's a free one, and what I use, but the interface isn't the most user friendly.


Jan 19, 2005
Acronis is good.

Or if you have an extra box, Windows Home Server is good for backing up multiple computers and restoring them easily or even opening old backed up files.