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What causes tearing in games?

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New Member
Mar 14, 2002
Tearing in games, mainly first person shooters and other games where the camera is moving fast drives me nuts, I love playing games on my computer but I can't seem to get rid of it, even 3d mark 2000 does it.
What causes this? Is it just a thing with computer games that there is no way to get rid of it and it just needs to be accepted?
It may be videocards that cause it but I dont know for sure.
I wonder if the GeForce 4 TI4600 does it?
It would be worth buying one if it would get rid of this damn tearing.
I really dont think it is just my computer, I have seen many PCs do this, infact, every PC I have ever seen playing a FPS game tears.
Can anyone offer any info on this subject please?
Here is my system specs.

Shutte AK35GTR mobo
256 MB PC2100 Corsair
AMD XP 1700+ @ 1467mhz
nVidia (Visiontek) GeForce 2 TI 64 MB DDR
Windows 2000 SP2
23.12 drivers
Vsync is on auto (I have tried all different settings with this)

Here is a big question,

Is it commonly known and accepted that PC games do this?
Or is there a way to stop the tearing?

Grande Juan

Aug 16, 2001
No tearing for me any more, running maxed settings at 1024x768 resolution. Max Payne and RTCW are like totaly new games no lag and superior detail. I am quickly becoming master of the headshot now.:D