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what could i do to make it auto start..??

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Aug 13, 2001
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i'm trying to use CLC & SETIHide together. installed in every machines. runs fine and hide the client too.

however, i'm wondering is there anyway i can have it auto start in every reboot??

i know, but no startup folder tho. 'cos the machines seems like re-generate/re-format the startup folder in every reboot.

do any of u know how to set it as a service? do i have to log in as admin in order to do that??

I would go to windows explorer and right click the exe file you want to run and make a shortcut to it then place it in the startup folder under start menu/programs/startup. But i guess you already knew that! Sorry!

regerated startup folder i never seen that yet

Couldn't you make run in autoexec.bat
yeah, that's something i'm looking for......

any idea anyone??

just to make the SETIHide (or let's say a program) auto run in the boot up. (but no startup folder pls...)

really want to get "all of them" up and running.........IF i could get it auto start in the reboot...:rolleyes:
i've tried to use this too, but doesn't seem to work......:confused:

may be i should use it w/ only the CLC. no SETIHide..... will give it one more shot again 2morrow....
Here is the way I do it here . Use method two and substitute your program for seti. The directory has to be on your c drive under the root.
Just a reminder that if these are work machines make absolutely sure you have permission to run any distributed client on any machine you install it on...especially in Georgia! ;)

Basher said:

I am interested in the above link..it says for win 2000 users and helps to keep seti running if your logged off. Now my sec rig is used by other people and often they are logged on as a diff user....does this affect my SETI? I would think that as long as I am not logged off that SETI is still running while they are using the puter.
yeah, is there anyone know how to make a program runs in the autoexec.bat??

the problem it is it update the whole start up menu in every reboot. means, it'll reload the original startup menu every time. so, paste shortcut in startup folder won't work.

try SETI Service, somehow doesn't work for me neither.....

btw, it's running WinNT.

here's actually what's happening.....

i have a college dean which he is my regular customer at my day time job, and quite a good friend to my family too. i talked w/ him 'bout [email protected] project. and asked (just tried) to see if i could run SETI in his computer lab. and surprisingly, he said YES(!) :D.

but the problem is he's NOT giving me any tech support and WILL terminate it if he feels the need.

anyhow, i went over to his computer lab, install CLC & Hide (to give minimal visual impact), starts running fine. then the next day, i've noticed that somehow, there system WILL "update" the start menu in every reboot. which means the shortcut i've pasted into the startup folder for SETIHide is disappeared(!) everytime the system boot up!! and they DO shut down all the rigs at night! so, i'll have to start it manual (old fashion --> double click :( ).

but the problem is, i really can't visit his computer lab every morning (25mins drive) before work to start the program in 30+ (could have as much as 100!) machines!! it's just too much effort for me!! even if that means could be as much as additional 100+WU/day!!

and that's why i'm trying to find a way to auto start it when the machiness is reboot.

and other problem is, since he won't give me any tech support, he certainly WOULD NOT give me their network/machinesss' admin password neither for the security reason.

he "only" allow me to run this program. but i have to figure it out myself..... sooooo..............any idea...............:confused:
Why don't you setup the 2 programs to autostart from the registry. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run on the right hand plane right click and add a new string value named seti or whatever you want really. Then open the new string value and put the exact path to the program you want to run. If you need any help let me know. I can probably make you a script that will add or remove the values you need to the registry.
Bender said:
Why don't you setup the 2 programs to autostart from the registry.
I was just about to mention attempting to put an entry in the registry... Too late I guess... :D

As to starting up SETI with autoexec.bat, it won't work. Autoexec.bat will load programs in DOS, and there is no DOS SETI client. If you tried, it would say that the program has to be run under wundows.... Too bad they don't have a DOS client though... I would love one!

here is a way to add something as a service
replace seti with your program name. I did this and turned seti driver in to a service.

You need two files from the NT resource kit: srvany.exe and
instsrv.exe. You'll use these files to install SETI as a service.
Here's the procedure:
Copy srvany.exe to the [email protected] directory. (I'll use c:\seti
in this example. I also assume the seti executable to have
been renamed to seti.exe)

Copy instsrv.exe to the winnt directory.
Click Start, Run, and type "cmd" to open a DOS window.
Type: instsrv SETI c:\seti\srvany.exe
Type "exit" to return to NT
Click Start, Run, and type "regedit"
Go to the following registry key:


Expand it by clicking the +

Highlight SETI, then right click and select New, Key

Type: Parameters

Highlight Parameters, right click and add the following New
String Values Names:


Now double-click the Application value name you just created
and enter the following Value Data:


Do the same for AppDirectory but enter c:\seti for the Value

Exit the Registry Editor.

Go to Control Panel and double-click Services.

Go to SETI and double-click on it.

Set the startup to Automatic. Click OK. This will cause the
service to automatically start at the next boot.

To start the service immediately, highlight Seti and click Start.

*Note: You must run the seti client once manually to configure
it. Afterwards you may allow it to start through services.
One one machine I am running seti as a service so you cant see it unless you use ctrl-alt-del. Adding the string to the registry to make it autostart is a good idea if you still want to have seti running in the foreground. As far as I know you cant run seti in dos mode. What I was trying to say was I can make a script that adds the values to the registry to make it easier to setup. I'll give it a try and post it if I get it working to my liking.
tk u for all of u whose trying to help!! :)

i think a script might be the best bet. 'cos i've pretty much tried everything i could think of already. regedit WOULD NOT load 'cos it was logged on as a normal user only. and it needs admin. in order to use. so, anything that require regedit is a no go. unless i can find some other kinda regeditor.

the worst thing i'm afraid is what IF the machine won't even let me alter any of the setting? like w/ "aftermarket" regeditor, or a srcipt, altered the registry, but the machines won't take it?!! could that happen? or could it lock the registry so i can't change/alter it?

and don't forget, neither he'll ask the tech to give me the admin password nor he'll have a tech follow me and log on then log off as admin for me in every single machine!!

and he's already very very nice enough to let me use there machines for SETI project (and for our team too). i really don't wanna push my luck to ask if i can have their network & machines' admin password or any other help, u know.

so, what can i do? or what do u guys thinking?

i'm started to think 'bout "forget it" already...........
One thing you could try to get the values into the registry is to import them. Get the keys set up on your computer, and then use the export command in regedit to export just what you added in. Then, simply double-click on the .reg file on each computer to import it into the registry.

Of course, if you don't have NT on your computer, you can export a small portion of the registry (dosen't matter what) and examine exactly how it is put together. It's all text, so it shouldn't be very hard at all. I'd do it, but my brain is half asleap right now :D

sounds like a good idea! but just wondering is there anyone of u could have that made up? what kinda info u'll need?

also, could they "lock" up the registry that i can not only use regedit, but also, can "merge" any reg. into it? could they do that in NT?

tks again for u guys big help!!

EDIT: yeah, just remember. could we do something like the "coolbit.reg" for the GeForce card?? that i could just right click --> merge into the registry?? that would be the easilest way, isn't it??

so, i could have SETIHide start in every boot up!

here's the path in case u'll need them: C:\WinNT\Win\SETIHide.exe

tks a million!!
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Bender --> that's the reg. setting for auto starting SETIHide right??

well, i'll try it on 2morrow morning and let u know how is it.......

tks a million for u guys' great help!!!!

<<now this is WHY i LOVE this place and this team!! looking for answer/solution? look no further than OC.com (SETI Team)!! :beer: >>