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what ddr voltage should i use? what is safe w/o cooling?

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Jan 8, 2002
Boulder CO
i have 1 stick of 512mb mushkin 2100ddr. right now it is 2.5v (default) but i wanna run agressive settings (i.e. cas 2/turbo mode/etc) w/ 100% stability. What is a safe voltage to do this without burnin up my mem? i dont got any of those thermaltake ram coolers or anything. no active or passing cooling whatsoever.
It seems like you have decent case cooling, that is all that is really needed. I don't know how much good the heatspreaders actually do. I ran my Crucial at 2.9V all day long for months, no problems. I would say keep it under 3V.
Burning your RAM won't be a concern until RAM becomes *much* faster. You can use heat sppeaders if you want, but know thant they're just for looks. The PC board that the RAM chips are on is more than enough to dissipate the heat that the chips generate.
I use a heatspreader at 2.7v and it doesn't even get warm. My buddy runs at 2.8v with no heatspreader and he stays cool as well.
i noticed that my self i am running at 2.7 CL2 turbo

and my stick never gets hot
so i now agree that heat spreaders are for looks
Just going through some posts and noticed the high fsb you guys have. I'm running a stick of 256 KingMax PC2700 and can't get over 168 stabily. Any ideas as to what's going on?

Athlon XP 1800+ @ 1737 (1.95v)
Epox 8K3A
Thermalright AX-7 w/ Delta 80 mm 80 CFM
Asus Geforce 3 Pure
SB Live! value
3 x 80 mm case fans
either try lowering the multiplyer or going to cas2.5... also, make sure you have the latest (2328) bios for the 8k3a cause that fixes a lot of probs....

god i dont know how in the hell you can use a delta 80cfm... i used to have a 60mm 50cfm for my old sk6 and i used it for one day and then bought a alpha 8045 :)