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What did I Destroy This time?

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Feb 2, 2002
Well I was making about my third attempt to unlock my xp 1800 and I was using an unlocking kit from hardcorecooling.com. So I use there glue and fill the trenches, all is good. Clean around the dots a couple of time with a needle and dabbing into the cleaner that smells like yodka.
Than I apply the conductive stuff and it seemed to bleed a little bit down the glue, so i use the cleaner and needle to take that piece of glue off and out and re-lay some glue down just to make sure that nothing is getting from one pair of dots to the other.
So I finishish putting the goop on and let it dry for a wee bit (10 minutes) Than I pop er back in, fix on my SK6 right carefully, and plug in the ps's and turn it on.

The Bios doesn't post, oh **** number one, but has happened first try's on other attempts, so I press the good old restart, and than when the bios still doesn't post i go to turn it off and I notice the CD drives LEDs are blinking like crazy. I took the cpu out, cleaned the L1s thoroughly, put it back and it still wouldn't post the bios(always meant wouldn't do vid bios either)

So my question to you is, what the heck did I do. Is it the mobo, cpu, or perhaps the ram? please advise.

God I wish I would have gotten an MP, maybe I'll just wait to see what is better(assuming its the cpu) and oc'd MP to 1.8 ghz or a T-bred at 1.7 or something. Thanks all.