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FEATURED What did you get today?

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The toothpaste I got earlier. £3 for that single. In a look on Amazon when I got home, the cheapest I found it was 10 units for £5. I used it for the X299 CPU swap earlier. Temps look fine so far, but will be interesting to see how it ages. Each running around 150W loads, one with a big Noctua, the other is a 120mm AIO, both peaking around 60C under Prime95. I see MX-4 is could be still quite cheap but I've not found stock of the larger sizes yet.

The wifi dongle is making me wonder if my speed problems are with my AP (ISP unit) more than these dongles. I have tried several different ones, all supposedly supporting hundreds of mbps, but they just sit on the 2.4 band at around 50mbps. I'm thinking of digging out my old Unifi AP and setting that for 5 GHz operation only to see if that works better.
Couple of z flip 5 phones for me and the missus arrived today. I'll have to wait until I get home to get my sweaty little paws on them!


Crappy Picture. The transfer of material was very smooth and took less than 20 minutes. Bye Bye US Cellular and good riddance.
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Pyptec Intel Killer WiFi 7/BT 5.4 card -> I can't find it on the US Amazon, but it's something like this. The local Amazon has it for $39 (inc. 23% VAT and shipping).

It's funny how people pick these WiFi cards based on brand when they are probably all made by Intel but sold/repacked by weird Chinese brands.
In short, it costs 50% less because it is branded by Pyptec (whatever it is) and shipped in a bubble bag instead of a box. The PCB and label are exactly the same as on cards sold as retail Intel products in boxes.

It's my second card. I ordered the first one for the Minisforum motherboard, but it ended up in the recently bought laptop. In the Minisforum motherboard, Bluetooth is acting weird. It randomly drops the connection and automatically reconnects, but then the sound on my headset is flat and quiet. I have it about 1m from the PC, and everything is back to normal when I disable the device and enable it again. Minisforum's RMA requires products to be shipped to Hong Kong, so it's probably cheaper and definitely faster to buy a new card.
My days of Cable Internet are almost done, I got an email yesterday from fidium telling me that they would install fiber to the home on May 4th. I have been looking to dump Spectrum/TWC/Whatever they'll call themselves next week, since my original contract went from $50 a month to over $200 for the exact same services (telephone, 20MB/10MB Internet, basic cable TV) in the space of 4 years. 1Gig down and 1Gig up with free install and wifi gateway for $65 a month from fidium sounds way better even when the tariff increases to $85 after the intro 12 months. They have a 2 Gig service too ($85 rising to $100) but I don't need that much bandwidth.
DELL Latitude 5340 13" 2 in 1
i5-1345u, 32GB DDR5, 256GB SSD, but I will replace it with 2TB once I clone some other SSDs.

The regular store price is around $1800 (at least in my local Polish stores with 23% VAT). I got it for ~$750 because it was repacked and imported from the US. It was new, but because it was registered in the US, then it has only a local store warranty. It's still 2 years, but I can't extend it.

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Good deal. :thup:
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Thats the PS I am getting.(y)
I put Michelin Pilot Sport 4 All Seasons on the 2002 Jaguar XK8 - P245/45ZR18 front and P255/45ZR18 rear. Nice tires. Bought them from Tire Rack and a local Mr. Tire did the installation.

Just a mild update, only had them since Monday but they are nice tires.

Compared to the stock Continentals, slightly less road noise. *Maybe* a little vibration in the steering wheel? Not like they screwed up the balance or anything, maybe I just became aware because I was paying attention more.

But yeah, could tell they're overall more grippy.
Replacement 5900X. Hope this one runs cooler than my current heater.

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Just got this tank of a power supply. Super Flower 1000w platinum. Heavy, double ball bearing fan, and stout cables. And not very expensive at $150.
I got the 850w flavor and it's a beast. You got a great dealio!
New phone time. I didn't like the colour options for the 8a 256GB (black only) and the list price of the 8 wasn't much different with some more options there. What swung it back to the 8a was the trade in deal. Google are offering a substantial subsidy if you return your old phone making the effective cost much lower. I have a 3a around still and they're offering about 3x the market rate for a used one.
I did this when I got my Samgung S22 Ultra. Traded in a phone from 2 phones ago because it had a higher turn-in value. :shrug:
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I was getting 250 down and 12 up on Spectrum internet... for 30 dollars a month more than fidium is charging.
Have had Fidium for about a year now, finally able to ditch Comcast and i love it. It’s rarely down unless it’s for scheduled maintenance, and if it is down due to bad weather or something it’s back up in a few hours. Sometimes before the power lol.