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What do I do with this fan?

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New Member
Jun 13, 2001
I just bought a new case and put it all together. I can't remember the name of the case, its a blue thing with plastic around it, a tower thing.. Aaanyway, it was supposed to come with five fans, but only came with four. I'm not bothered about that, I had an extra fan anyway. But what I want to know is this..

The place the missing fan was supposed to go is at the back, right in line with the heatsink. I've currently got the fan sucking air out away from the heatsink, as the case has two fans blowing in from the bottom, and two sucking air out the top. If I was to have the fan blowing onto the heatsink, that would clash with the two fans blowing air in the same direction, right? Or wrong?

What should I do? Should I have it blowing in or sucking out? Also, it seems very loud. A friend has the same case and his is quiet as a mouse. Is it something to do with that fan? Or could it be caused by something else?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

reverse all the fans. Have the two at the top blowing air in, one blowing fresh air over the heatsink, and the two at the front blowing air out. Just play with the configuration and see what gets the best temps.
It's a juno case by the sounds of it, p3 is the mid tower p6 is the full tower. Try to balance the cfm of the intake fans and exhaust fans, I recomend have 2-3 of each giving you around 70-100cfm which is pretty optimal. Much more is just unecessary noise as the cooling won't be that improved.
So should I just remove the one near the CPU? That could be the one causing the extra noise. I have two at the top blowing out, two at the bottom blowing in. 80mm fans all four of them. I kinda like the idea of blowing cool air over the processor though, but the only problem with that is, the fan is right below the power supply, so it'll just be blowing the hot air from there back in again.. thats what I figure anyway.

I'll play around with it, see what I can come up with. I just swapped everything from one case to the other today, and I'm exhausted. :)