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what do i need to Power 2 Peltiers ???

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May 27, 2001
San Diego, CA
Well im ready to order 2 pelts, a power supply, and a maze2-2. I have an athlon running at 1.6ghz so do i need 2 120watt pelts or 2 172watt pelts. Secondly .. what do i need to power 2 peltiers?
For just the 2 172W pelts, and nothing else in the computer, I would prolly get a Enermax 350W Power supply. It may not add up, but trust me :)
A computer PSU will not cut it for powering these tecs. Besides the 172's run on 24v and a PSU solution for them is going to set you back a few $.

After reading Collins thread here in cooling it looks like two 120w tecs is the way to go. And there are many good and cheap solutions to power them.
Yeah Ken. I thought the same thing. MY athlon gives out over 100watts so the 240 watts the tecs put out should be enough. 120watts it will be. Can you give me some ideas on power supplys. I am getting the 120watt pelts from danger den along with the maze2-2. Is there anoter way to super cool an athlon of this speed at a resonable price.
OK, I am up to 22 volts with my two 120 watt pelts and they are drawing 15 amps. While I went with an expensive Astron ham radio PSU for easy R&D, you should be able to find a decent PSU from a surplus vendor. MJPA comes to mind.
So i dont know what mjpa is. Would a power supply with say 23amps and 13.8v be good enough or do i need more. Can you give me a site with the power supply i need for the 2 pelts.
Unless you want to spend the big bucks for an Astron, I can't do your shopping for you. I would also suggest you add 100 MHz to your speed when you figure the heat output of your PSU. If things work out with the pelt setup, you will need it. Look for a PSU that puts out 24 volts and can be adjusted down to 20 volts or lower.