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What do u need to cut a hole in my case?

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New Member
Apr 21, 2013
Hi everyone,

I have a bitfenix prodigy m case, and as part of my build I have installed a flirc SE IR receiver. It's not built for the case... So I need to mount it somehow and cut a hole in the front of the case or possibly in the 5.25 bay.

What tools or implements would I need to do this effectively, without damaging anything or ruining the aesthetic?

Put masking tape and use normal drill if it is small hole and if it is big one just xut small hole and finish with something sharp

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Depending on the size a normal drill bit will work ,if it's something like a 4 inch hole I would use a knockout set that electricians use to make nice clean hole in panels.
A hole saw is the cheapest way to cut a hole. Also the best imho. Go on YouTube and search for cutting a case fan hole. 99% will be done with a power drill and various size hole saws. The smaller the hole the easier it is to do.