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What do yall think of the Asus P4c 800?

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Creeping V

May 11, 2003
IM thinking of getting this mother board i was thinking if it was a good motherboard. I dont know that much computers, but the way im gonna upgrade is that instead of me building a computer every year or couple years. Im gonna upgrade a new peice of my comp to a real nice peice, but not every peice of my computers. Do yall think this is a good idea?? because i have a constant flow of about 400 dollars to spend on my comp about evey month, but i dont think i need to spend the whole 400 every month.

well right now im runing on a 2.0 ghz p4, but since im getting this mother board the front side bus will only be 400, and later if i upgrade it to a 3.0 i can get the front side bus up to 800 mhz.
this motherboard is compatble with a front side bus of 400/533/or 800. So im thinking i will keep the processor i got until about july or august and maybe jump up toa 2.8 or a 3.0. Im prob going to install a Geforce FX 5900 ultra. TEll me what yall think of this plan because i know yall are computer Gurus, and im a n00b....:rolleyes:


Mar 24, 2002
Liverpool, UK
I would recommend getting a 9800pro over the 5900 ultra, I have seen others that would say otherwise, but from the reviews I have read I am adament that the 9800pro is indeed holding the edge over it due to its better IQ. Not sure on the price, but wouldnt be suprised if 5900 ultra costs a fair bit more as well.

other than that sounds like a good plan, I have seen teh P4C800 used in a few benchmarks, in particular the latest 5900 ultra's...I would personally go with it. Here is a review if your still undecided.