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What do you all recommend?

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Aug 2, 2001
West Palm Beach, Florida
What would all of you recommend for a mobo that
supports an athlon 850?

The board will not be overclocked, I need a good quality,
stable, and affordable mobo.
Stability being the most of my consern, as it will be used in
a commercial environment.
I must also be able to change the cpu voltage etc.
I would also prefer a mobo with onboard audio, onboard
video is not a requirement.

The last board I had was an ak10 giving me many problems,
then of all things, 3 of the electroloytic capacitors are leaking.
I will proboably replace the capacitors in the future, but I do
want a new mobo.

Shuttle is a great bboard - I think it is the AK31? it supports both DRAM and DDR RAM - two slots each.

EPOX 8kta2 is an AWESOME board and only about $50 bucks @ Fry's

IMHO I would go 8kta3 or 8kta3+ from EPOX - you can get it for about $90-$100 and the 3+ has onboard raid too.... and cpu voltages are easily controlled in the bios.
shuttle ak31 rev 3.1
shuttle ak35gtr
Abit kr7a
these are some great board, look into them
I have looked at the boards that you specified and here
is what I am focused on:

1) EPoX EP-8KTA3L-Plus KT133A $69
I am interested in this board because, it clearly uses PC133
memory, witch is the memory that I already have, that way I
will not have to purchase some DDR memory.

The question I have is does this board allow for the
adjustment of voltage, multipliers, fsb, etc. in the bios?


I have 2 ak31 boards but the rev 2 model, I have had no
problems with them. I however do not see clearly that is
supports PC133, only that it supports DDR.


Overall I think I will get the epox but I need to know that
you can change the settings in the bios. Thats one thing
my ak10 did not have, witch I greatly hated.
Ok, I have done my research on the boards and
I chose to go with the EPoX EP-8KTA3L-Plus it is a little
different from the EP-8KTA3.

The Vcore can be changed by DIP switches, I have no
clue about the BIOS, but solong as I can change it I do
not care.

The FSB & MULTIPLYER can be changed by DIP or BIOS.

Thanks very much jbell, Revx, and the rest of the
overclockers.com family.

Glad to help and great choice!!! that line of EPOX is solid as a rock!