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What do you look for in a server?

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Oct 21, 2002
New Jerzie
So, one of the more interesting questions out there..... when searching for a server (ie serverspy.net) what qualities do you look for? When you finally log onto it, what things sway your decision to stay there?

For me, a 24/7 (insert map name here) server is a must... because i'd rather play a certain map, without people or admins voting to change it.... also, when i finally log on, a server's ping HAS TO be under 90 for me... otherwise it's unplayable.

Statsme is always a nice option, due to the fact that it'll tell you everything you wish to know about who/what killed you and how fast. Statsme is fun when you get 1 headshot using an m3 pump shotty, and it registers @ 650 damage ( 659 damage for me once)

Ahhhh, CS.... how bout you?


Aug 18, 2002
I play BF1942 on www.wolfservers.com 's servers because they have a great community, and theres usually admins on. They have a few rules like no TK'ing, base camping, etc... which leads to a better overall gaming experience (unless you're a griefer ;))

OC48gaming.com was also a good one.

I hate TK/Griefers so I'll usually play on the better community servers.


Nov 17, 2001
Waterloo, Wisconsin, USA
I look for 24/7 when I can get it, and then ping times, after I'm on the server I watch out for childish admins, or hackers that seems to be regular.. most of all I watch for server performance... nothing worse than 50 ping at 20 fps...lol

You can't have them all, especially with ping... funny how servers ping you at 60ms and then when your in the game it turns into 200 ....:rolleyes:


Feb 16, 2002
Yeah, i like servers that have 20-90ms pings, and no lag "low fps" as you play :) especialy when there are 29 other players playing too :D