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What do you make of this?

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Aug 29, 2001
These are my current temps:

SYStemp: +35°C
CPUtemp: +35.5°C

It this awesome/sucky or what? is the system temp too high? Basicly now all my temps are really close ever since i installed 3 case fans (2 80mm in front, 1 92mm back). I had been gaming for 2 hours before i took this reading too.
i have a [email protected] btw.

current weather temp: 17C
dude, even with the best case cooling...your cpu should/will be at least 5C higher than your case...most average aroung 8-10C higher...check those temps...what are you usiong to monitor them?
i'm using just normal system readouts, so it is possible that its off. However, i've been checking them for a while, and there has never been more than a 3C diff (this right now is the closest they ever been). Before i added the 3 case fans they were apart ~7C