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What do you think ??? Is it good enough ?? *g*

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Dec 18, 2000
Germany->Bavaria-> Augsburg

what do you think of a 100x100x58mm aluminium thin fin cooler with a 70mm silver plate attached to the bottom??????????????
And of course a good ventilation like one 120x120x38mm ducted or two 60x60x25mm Pabst 33CFM fans! I'm sorry I can't post photos, but I don't have a digi cam. How much wattage should it be able to cool, what do you think?
First of all, you can only cool to ambient temp when you use air cooling, second, WOW that is one big heatsink. Should be able to cool off that Pentium no matter what you clock it to. but if you play with the hot boys such as Athlons, then make an exact copy of that heatsink in copper. THEN you definately have a killer HSF, at the moment it is just DAMN good ;)
How is the silver plate attached to the HS? and what are you using it on? please let us know how it turns out.
I'll cool an Intel CPU(PIII Coppermine Celeron FCPGA, hopefully at extreme speeds) with this heatsink, and of course I'll let you know how it turns out. Concernig you question about the attachment, I'mm thinking of using the arctic silver adhesive I've lying around here.
looks pretty good, i think the pabst fans sound easier to mount and I would think you could get better results but is always worth a try. I hope that thing performs well for you!
Sounds cool, but i wouldn't use artic silver adhesive to attach it, you would never get it off. The best thing would be to use the mounting holes around the socket, or is that just socked A.
No, No ,No! You misunderstood me. I'll attach the silver plate with arctic silver adhesive to the heatsink!!!!!!!! But I'll attach the heatsink with the silver plate to the processor using arctic silver 2 compound and 4 screws, because my asus s370-dl slotket has exactly these 4 holes.
I don't know if you have done it already, but an interesting homework for you to do. Would be testing thwe HSF without the silver attached to it. then AS epoxy the HSF and the silver together, to see if and how much it improves the C/W. please keep us informed mate.
OK I'll do that BadManiac. And I'll keep you informed, I swear. But I think it'll take some time until I'll finish these tests because I don't have too much time at the moment. But let's wait until the holidays!