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What do you think of the Taisol CGK 742092

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I've just got it, and I really like it. It has made me able to get another 29 MHz out of my Duron, AND lowered my full load temps with 2C. I'm very happy with that.
Yeah they're sweet lil' coolers, especially if you stick something like a 26cfm YS Tech on them, nice performance boost and not too loud either.
Just put one on a few days ago.
Just for comparison sake I used the thermal pad that came with it and the standard fan. It does the same as my FOP32-1 did.
Tomorrow I will reinstall it with thermal grease and the 26cfm fan and should see better results.
I would recomend the CGK760092 instead, this one has a copper block inserted into the base, and I don't mean a thin coating like on alphas or the stuck on block like some use, this is impacted into the base for the best heat transfer.
Also the best thing about these heatsinks is the size, the are 80mm by 60mm so can really benefit from an 80mm fan especially one around 40cfm+
Received my taisol 742092 today. I am a little disappointed in performance temps even with the upgraded 26cfm fan. But I am comparing it to the alpha 6035 on my other machine. Temps idle around 49c on Abit kt7 raid, Duron 650@900 @ 1.80v. but haven't tried underload yet. Still putting things together.
Noticed better cooling with the standard fan, go figure!
you have something wrong to have those temps. Are you using the thermal pad, if so, scrap it and get some paste. The shack sells some great stuff for $1.99. Of course, Artic Silver 2 is still better.
Scraped the thermal pad off the taisol,cleaned with acetone then alcohol ,applied thermal grease and temp was 49 @ idle with sunon 26cfm fan. Rechecked to make sure it was seated properly and it is. Had a cheap heat sink I purchased for $2.00 at a electronic warehouse and put on the standard fan that came with the taisol temp dropped to 44c idle. I am trying to figure out what I am missing. Today I will be removing my Alpha 6035 to see what temps are at on this new mobo. Will let everyone know.
Duron 600@950 1.80v
Alpha 6035 38c idle
512 micron pc133
geforce pro ddr
ibm 60gig 7200 ata100
I am plannng to put the taisol on a Abit k7 raid, Duron 650@900 1.80v, 256 pc133, voodoo5 64mg, wd 45gig. Its all in a full tower with plenty of fans for circulation. I would like to clock up a bit more but with the cooling of taisol I don't see it happening wih the current temps I've been getting.
it is just fine for that size cpu, and 80mm fits on it fine, that is what I did.