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What do you think of these resellers?

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Jun 21, 2001
Mwave, BestByte, KDcomputers, TCWO, Newegg, Vikingcomputers

Does anyone have any complaints about these places? I've looked @ resellerratings.com, and now i just want some "true" feedback...a bit nervous about ppl saying that company guys will post false ratings :(
This really should have been posted in the Vendor Discussion Forum.

Now that I've done my duty :) . I've had a good experience with Mwave, good price and fast shipping, plus they sent me an updated driver disk unsolicited for my Asus CUSL2-c mobo. If TCWO is Thompsons Computer warehouse,I ordered a P3 700E (hard to find) about 12 days ago and haven't recieved it yet. The sales rep, Mark has been really nice on the phone and I did tell him I didn't mind waiting as long as I got a good chip. When I called Tuesday he said that out of five orders they had for that chip only two were going to be filled and mine was one of them. So I know of three people who will be less than satisfied with them.
*smacks himself* D'OH! I didnt even realize there was a vendor discussion forum...jeez...this place literally has it ALL :)
yea...TCWO is thompson's :)

good...i was a little worried about them, as resellers doesnt have many ratings for them

im not that worried about mwave/newegg...well established/respected, most ppl love'em :)

viking kinda bothers me tho...i may pay a little extra and not buy from them, as they seem to "lose" lots of things :(
hmmm...how about Monarch Computer Systems and FTIcomputer?
Mav (Jun 23, 2001 12:29 a.m.):
hmmm...how about Monarch Computer Systems and FTIcomputer?

I haven't dealt with them MAV. I got a real good "feeling" about Multiwave. They are usually only a couple of dollars higher than the cheapest on Pricewatch. If ordering more than one thing, you can save shipping charges by ordering form one place. I'm not gonna stay away from TCWO because of the delay in shipping the P3 700, they have removed their ad for the 700 from pricewatch. I think they have free shipping up to 150 pounds.
I've bought a mainboard and CPU, in separate orders from newegg.com. Both arrived quickly. The mainboard works fine, though I have to wait before I can run the Duron. Newegg has excellent prices. Let's hope they don't go under. This seems to happen to etailers with both excellent prices and service, all too often! Unfortunately, the bad apples seem to hang around forever. And there are LOTS of them!

I ordered some cooling gear from KD Computers yesterday. They sent me email with a UPS tracking number two hours later. So far, I like KD Computers!

I've been very lucky with etailers. I don't order from them if they rate less than 6.0 at http://www.resellerratings.com . This "policy" has served me very well!

Monarch rates 5.6 at ResellerRatings. I'd avoid them. Another outfit that's served me well is Allstarshop.com
I haven't had the greatest experiences with Monarch Computers. Their customer service sucks. They charged me for a cancelled order and it took me five weeks to get them to issue a refund. One of the chips they sold me stopped working after two months (was in another comp, not overclocked) and it was a major hassle to get them to live up to their 3 year warranty on the chip. I ended up having to send the chip in to them two times before finally receiving a replacement.

TCWO is not the greatest either. It looks like ground shipments have a very low priority with them and do not ship for a week after the order is placed. I placed a time sensitive order with them with two day shipping (needed it by the weekend) and the order was delayed for some unknown reason (product was in stock). Rather than "do the right thing" and upgrade me to overnight shipping for free, I was forced to foot the extra shipping cost.

Newegg is great! Definitely do business with them. If your order is delayed in shipping they will upgrade your shipping for free (like they should!). They ship out fast with no problems. I have not had to return anything to them, but based on my experiences otherwise, I'm sure it would go smoothly.

I'd definitely go with Newegg over both of the establishments above. And I'd go with TCWO long before I'd go with Monarch Computer (things are fine if the order is good, but if you have to return something or get a refund you are screwed).

I've never done business with Mwave.com, BestByte, KDcomputers or Vikingcomputers.
I find it amazing that people say a retailer or e-tailer "should" or "should not" do this or that, especially in the crowded and low profit margin business of computers and computer components.

That said, there are places that provide horrible customer service, guarantees, etc. If a business fails to ship immediately and does not inform the customer, that is not quality customer service. To say that they "should" upgrade the shipping is wrong. To do "something" would probably increase the chance that the customer would return in the future.

Unless anyone has tried to run a business and have profit, positive cash flow, etc. they shouldn't tell anyone how things "should" be done.
Tachyon (Jul 01, 2001 06:36 p.m.):
I find it amazing that people say a retailer or e-tailer "should" or "should not" do this or that, especially in the crowded and low profit margin business of computers and computer components.

The fact is people DO demand such services though. Maybe I should rephrase. TCWO SHOULD have 'done the right thing' and upgraded my shipping if they wanted my business again. Knowing that Newegg does upgrade my shipping, why would I order from TCWO unless the prices were much better? I'm not trying to tell them how to run their business, but I am stating what I would have liked. If they had done anything I probably would have been happier with the situation.

Even so, I still think TCWO is a decent establishment. Just don't place any orders with them that are extremely time sensitive, or expect their product status to be entirely up to date. (And don't order from them with ground shipping. According to the reviews at resellerratings they do NOT ship ground out for 3-5 after the order is filled... This has not happened to me personally, but it is mentioned more than once in their comments).
I'm digging up this thread to let people know how tcwo does bussiness. :argue:

I had my mom order a 1800+ today for me while I was at work. found out that their price has went back up $101 from $92 and that they told her that there was only a 12 day warranty and the retail version had 1 yr. now I have a nice paper weight for a extra $25 I'm pi55ed how tcwo tricked her into buying a retail cpu for a warranty that will be voided in 30 minutes after I recieve the cpu. Well I'll just chaulk it up as a learning expeirence. I will never buy from them again. I think it was a bad move on their part since I buy some type of computer part almost every week. From now on I will stick with newegg.
MWave sent me used parts when I ordered through them about a year ago. Also sent me the wrong case. I didn't have my old computer at the time, and couldn't be without a computer for 2 weeks so I didn't get to test their return policy.
At least the parts still worked, tho I used my old case instead of the cheesy purple thing they sent me.
1. Newegg - Nothing but good experiences with them. Great place to buy from.

2. Mwave.com - I've also bought quite a few items from them with good experiences.

3. kdcomputers.com - I buy most of my case fans and some heatsinks from them, process your order very quickly and UPS ground shipping is reasonable and fast to my house(3-4 days).

4.tcwo.com - I've bought 2 procs from them, no problems with the orders or delivery.

I've never had any dealings with the rest of the vendors you listed.

my experiences:

newegg - excellent prices and shipping. currently working a RMA with them, no problems thus far.

mwave - excellent prices and shipping on the items ordered. no problems thus far but their problem solving history via various raters could be improved.

googlgear - same as mwaver but their ratings are even lower yet.

watch out for shipping - some appear to make up some pricing differences via this charge (a dollar is still a dollar)

wish list: time history of ratings. is a reseller improving or going in the tank?

bad experiences: register them with every rating service you can find. you're watching after me!!!! I'l do the same for you!
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tcwo, i've ordered from them at least 4 times.... been great for me...

always recieve everything within a week....

no problems so far